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Things To Do On Grenada

The aroma of the "The Isle of Spice" will relax you and "doing nothing" is always an option. Warm and sunny and some of the best beaches in the world ! The temperature ranges from 24șc to 30șc, with a cooling breeze. A wonderfully comfortable climate, in which you can enjoy your holiday - no matter what type of holiday activity you prefer. This small island has a number of places of interest and activities to enjoy. Development on Grenada is strictly controlled. Visitors can enjoy the island in a relaxed atmosphere, making it easier to explore and be a little more active. 
Although Grenada is well known as a sunny and safe holiday island - the island is remarkably quiet and undeveloped. No crowds and no rush - you can enjoy the island culture and its activities in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

                                          Add some spice to your life !  Wonderful beaches, an exciting ocean,
                                      a rain forest, historic forts, volcanic crater lakes, hot springs, waterfalls,
                                                plantation houses, Amerindian petroglyphs - perfect weather.
                                                        Difficult to see what more Grenada could offer you !


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The "Diving" and "Snorkelling" links above will give you more information about the wonderful diving and snorkelling on Grenada.

Grenada & Carriacou islands have excellent coral reefs, protected by government legislation.  Grenada is regarded as the " Wreck diving capital of the Caribbean " with 15 wrecks in varying depths and locations around the island. Grenada has the first Underwater Sculpture Park in the world - and the largest shipwreck in the Caribbean - the Bianca C.  Escape the crowds and dive any time of the year - in warm and clear waters -  on pristine reefs. Diving couldn't be more relaxed and convenient. 

The Sub-Menu On This Page Has Links To:

The link above will give you a brief idea of the many sports and activities on offer. All activities are organised in a very relaxed way - the only way to enjoy your holiday - and a great opportunity to try something new. No crowds or queues.  River Tubing -  Windsurfing - Mountain Biking -  Sailing - Golf - Tennis  -  Water Sports and more. Grand Anse Beach a world famous beach -  two miles long and one of the best in world - and the island has many more excellent beaches.  
The sightseeing link above will give you information on some of the interesting sights and events on the island - and there is much to see ... mountain trails, historic forts, volcanic crater lakes, hot springs, waterfalls, working spice estates and rum distilleries, floral gardens, plantation houses, Amerindian petroglyphs. The capital, St. George's, is widely held to be the loveliest city in the Caribbean. Its horseshoe-shaped harbour is surrounded by a pastel rainbow of dockside warehouses and the red-tiled roofs of traditional shops and homes. The extinct volcanoes on Grenada have been eroded and covered by the lush rain forest. The Grand Etang Lake and Forest Reserve is a snapshot of the island - several waterfalls, hot springs and tropical rain forest. There are excellent hiking trails in the area, the scenery is breathtaking, with the chance to see a fascinating cross-section of the flora and fauna of the island. Grenada offers some of the finest walking, hiking, and trekking opportunities in the Caribbean.

The nightlife on Grenada is low key - relaxed and friendly – but the island has dozens of superb restaurants and bars. There are a few hot spots, clubs  where visitors and locals go to have fun – often to live music.  Lots of wonderful, high quality restaurants including a "Gary Rhodes" restaurant.  Click the Nightlife link for more information
Local festivals, fairs, and markets remain an integral part of life on Grenada.  Grenada is noted for having a lot of festivals – too many to list here – but all great fun – and a great way to glimpse authentic island culture.

Buying locally made, high quality products is a little different from the usual tourist "stuff" - and must be a temptation few can resist.  Grenada is world famous for spices, chocolate and its rum - and visiting Grenada is a fantastic opportunity to buy the best - where it is produced.

The links above will give you a brief idea of what Grenada has to offer, but this is only an outline. If you have a particular interest we'll let you have more details. We work with several tour companies on Grenada all very reliable and experienced. We can advise and book any excursions or trips you might like to take on Grenada and we can include them in your holiday itinerary.