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Getting Around Grenada


This beautiful and exciting island - just 21 miles long and 12 miles wide - has a lot packed into a small space. Grenada has some of the best beaches, the best diving, an exciting rain forest with waterfalls and crater lakes. Lots of activities for you to enjoy and interesting things to see. As well as doing nothing, of course, relaxing on one of the many superb beaches. It's easy to get around - in safety and comfort. You really should take some time to enjoy the culture and the natural word of this fantastic island.

                                                For those that want to enjoy some of the sports and activities
                                         or explore Grenada's remarkable natural world and cultural heritage,
                                            it's good to know that nothing is very far away on this small island
                                              and it's easy to get out and about.  It would be a shame not to !


Airport Transfer
The first method of transport you will be interested in is the one getting you to your accommodation. Naturally we will arrange an airport transfer as part of your holiday itinerary, and you will be met at the airport. You can of course hire a vehicle for your holiday and may choose to collect it from the airport. Our advice, based on local knowledge, is to take the airport transfer, not far - about 10 minutes and not expensive - around 12 pp - and collect your hire vehicle at a time convenient to you.  Maurice Bishop airport is relatively small, so it won't take long to collect your bags and get to your accommodation.

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Bus Service
The public bus service is cheap and reliable. Small mini-buses, independently owned but Government regulated, run a service around the entire island. It's a lot of fun too. You are entertained by Caribbean music - and lots of banter - some of the friendliest and most helpful people you'll ever meet. One of the most entertaining journeys I have ever taken - sadly too brief - everyone talking to each other. One of those small "cultural" highlights that add so much to a visit.
The bus stops wherever you want, except in St. George and suburbs, where there are bus stops. You are advised not to flag the buses down in busy areas - but in quiet areas it is not a problem. Sometimes they'll stop and ask if you want a lift. Do not mistake this for a generous offer of a lift - it can cause some embarrassment. On the bus, when they want to get off, locals call out "bus stop". Drivers are friendly, always ask for information and the best place to get off.
Buses are very regular between the Grand Anse / Morne Rouge area, where most visitors will be staying, and the main town St. George's. The drive takes about 5 minutes, and costs around $3 EC (70 pence). All bus routes start at the terminal on Melville Street in St. George's, where you can connect to buses to various parts of the island. Buses have stickers showing their destinations. If you need to, ask a friendly local for directions - there are a lot of friendly locals about. The bus to Sauteurs, the longest journey possible, is around $9.00 EC (2). The buses travel regularly on weekdays, from 7.00 am to 7.00 pm. After that buses charge higher rates.


The trips between hotels and the airport have fixed rates. Taxis have meters, but, like everywhere else in the world, it is a good idea to agree the fare before getting in. All taxis, mini buses & hire vehicles can be identified by a registration number beginning with the letter 'H'. After 6.00 PM add $10.00 EC (2) per trip. The taxis we have taken have always been clean with friendly drivers, providing a reliable, personal service. We have taxis we work with but the best policy is to ask your accommodation to order a taxi. They will use tried and tested companies. NB - most taxis are a mini bus style - like many buses.

Vehicle Hire
There are a number of vehicle hire companies on Grenada. They drive on the left - hurray - and use the horn more than any other piece of equipment on the vehicle. Roads around the island are reasonable - but they do like sleeping policeman and they do have some potholes - so be very aware of the road surface. We have personal knowledge and experience of driving  around the whole island and if you do want to hire a vehicle we will provide you with lots of information so that you can make informed decisions and more importantly make the most of your holiday. We work with three main hire companies, and we can offer you a range of vehicles. We can include vehicle hire, for your holiday, or for part of your holiday in you itinerary - which is covered by our ATOL licence. Booking with us means it will be a little cheaper - with a reputable hire company - and the vehicle will be ready for you when you want it. Vehicle hire prices on websites, on Grenada and in the UK, do not include insurance. That extra cost would be added to any price you see on a resort or hire company website. You will be required to buy insurance. Our vehicle hire prices are not only cheaper than "on island" prices - we include CDW cover in our prices - as standard.


It is easy to walk around, especially the coast. You will get waved at and welcomed to Grenada but that is the sum total of any "intrusion". The south west corner of Grenada when most accommodation is located, is a flat and fairly quiet area. I have walked the main roads in this area quite safely. You will be hailed by some passing mini buses asking if you want a ride it isn't a friendly local giving you a lift. Take the bus if you want to but be aware it is a bus.

For the more adventurous and not really a means of getting "out and about" - there are lots and lots of great hiking trails. You should look up Grenada hash House Harriers a Grenadian institution hugely popular. It's supposed to be a run but all the pictures is aw (and the terrain) made it a brisk walk! I was lucky enough to hike with Telfor Bedeau a legend on Grenada. We can organise or advise various trips you can take best to go with a guide !

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Water Taxi
These are colourful motorboats that run between Grand Anse Beach and St. George's harbour. It is a fast, fun way to get from the town to the Grand Anse Beach and a great way to view the island from another perspective. For two people, it costs about $10.00 EC (2.20). All water taxis are licensed by the port authority, and must have safety equipment on board. The Water Taxis can normally be found on the Carenage (port quayside) in town.

Carriacou Ferry

When you are on the Isle of Spice, you may want to visit Grenada's little sisters - Carriacou and Petit Martinique. There is a ferry, a high-speed, catamaran, which leaves from the Carenage in St. George's. It's a great trip along the calm western coats of Grenada. It takes around 90 minutes and costs around $160.00 EC 35) return.

We can arrange sailing for you on Grenada - small or large craft - not so much a mode of transport - more like great fun.


There are lots of tours - some featuring key topics of interest - plantations, gardens, rain forest tours, waterfall tours, beach tours etc. many of these will also feature Grenada's nightlife and various events - like Fish Friday, Latin American dance nights etc. etc. We can advise and organise these for you. We work with three local tour companies - the list of tours available is astonishing.
As you would expect, there are dozens of boat trips in addition to the functional water taxis and ferries. These will take you to bays and beaches not so easy to get to with a far more pleasant and comfortable journey. Snorkelling is always easy so take your togs.

Grenada Discovery Train
From St. George's guided city sightseeing tour of St. George's - around the most interesting sites in town, such as Fort George and the National Museum. It's a good way to get around the streets of St. George's and soak up some of the history and culture - in comfort.