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Dive Centres On Saba

We have a very close, and friendly, working relationship with the dive centres on Saba. They are independent of the hotels and offer a full range of dive services to visitors. They have equipment for sale or hire and a range of instruction courses - from a first "try dive" to professional ratings like Dive Master. There are numerous "special" excursions you can enjoy special because of the type of diving or the location. We offer a range of courses, boat diving packages and excursions tailored to your personal diving itinerary.  These dive centres are small scale courses and boats can get booked very quickly. Booking in advance is strongly recommended - to be sure you get precisely what you want - when you arrive. We can give you full details of all the dive packages and trips. 
Pre-booking your diving itinerary leaves nothing to chance for your precious time on the island.

                                      We can include diving packages, instruction courses, diving excursions,
                              in your holiday plan - to your requirements - for you to enjoy your diving to the full.
                              Our prices are lower than buying on island and part of an ATOL protected holiday.


Boat Dives

Most diving is from boats - and it's a short trip to the dive sites. Saba is a small volcanic island - it gets deep pretty quick - so the dive sites are close to shore. Snorkellers can also join the boats. Please note - boats and excursions can get sold out very easily. Booking before you arrive is strongly recommended.

Diving Courses

We can book a full range of dive courses - from basic training for learner divers through to professional ratings, such as Dive Master. Instruction is available in several languages. The length of the course may vary according to the diver's ability. Please note: Saba dive centres train to the highest standards - but they are small. Good for personal service - vital for training courses. BUT instructors may not always be available. It is important to book courses in advance to be sure you do not waste valuable holiday/diving time.

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Discover Scuba Diving - This is a day introduction to scuba diving. Short pool session followed by an ocean dive. (Max. depth 40ft/12m)
Additional Discover Scuba Dives - additional ocean dives guided by a dive professional.
Scuba Review - This is a day refresher course and includes an ocean dive.
Open Water Certification - This 4 5 day course includes classroom sessions, confined water and 4 ocean dives. A certified PADI Open Water diver can dive with a buddy, unsupervised, to a depth of 18 m.
Open Water Referral Course - This is a 2 day course for those who have completed the theory and pool work of the Open Water Course. Pass the theory and pool work module of your Open Water Course in the UK and complete the open water dives in the warm, calm, clear waters of the Caribbean.
Advanced Diver
This is a 2 day course - a continuation of the PADI Open Water Diver course and involves a small amount of classroom work and 5 ocean dives. Core dives are Deep and Navigation, other dives can be chosen from speciality courses that interest you. Students can focus more on their interests and can gain extra knowledge in the different aspects of diving. Minimum Age: 15 (Junior 12).
Rescue Diver - 34 day course covering problem prevention, self rescue and 12 rescue scenarios. (Prerequisites: AOW & EFR certification).
Dive Master Course -This Professional Training Course includes Diving theory, Physics, Physiology, Equipment and Environment, confined water training and open water sessions. (Prerequisites: Rescue Diver, Medic First Aid, 20 logged dives). Minimum Age 18. The first step towards your instructor certification. Once qualified you are able to supervise dive activities and assist instructors with student divers. Length of the course varies with student entry level.
There are a range of speciality PADI courses also available.

Start 'em Early

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There are several courses and activities to get kids interested in diving.
SASY (Supplied Air Snorkelling for Youth)
SASY allows them to breathe from a regulator and mini-tank at the surface while wearing a flotation device, which does not allow them to submerge. They have their own small sized equipment and are always safe with the PADI dive instructors.
Bubble Maker
Bubble Maker is an introductory course for kids aged 8 and above, during which they get acquainted with real scuba diving. Under close supervision of an instructor they will learn the fundamentals of scuba diving in a swimming pool. Students are then given the opportunity to dive in shallow open water up to 2m deep (all equipment is provided).
Junior Open Water Diver
Kids aged 10 and older can earn their PADI Junior Open Water Diver certification. Kids can dive to 12m.
Open Water Diver
At 15 young divers can pass the PADI Open Water Diver certification. They are allowed to dive to 18 m as are all qualified Open Water Divers.
Children aged between 10 and 15 years who have gained their open water certificate, can only dive with a certified adult.


Hopefully you won't need it ........but Saba has a good medical facility, the A.M. Edwards Medical Center with trained medical staff. Saba has its own decompression chamber.

DIN fittings

Saba centres use American equipment - if you have DIN fittings you will need an adaptor. If you don't have one - the dive centre will have one for hire. Always best to let us know before you go - to make sure everything you need is available.