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Things To Do On Saba

Saba, like the other Dutch Caribbean islands, is relatively unknown to people from the UK. Being off the beaten track makes it a new destination for people from the UK an exciting new "discovery". Saba has resisted commercial development to protect its heritage and natural habitats. The islanders have earned their living from the land and the ocean - and the desire to protect both is part of their heritage. Tourism is new to Saba - the airport opened in 1963 - and protection of the natural world has ensured there are no "commercialised tourist activities".  You can enjoy the island's natural world in peace and quiet.  A refreshing change from being part of a tourist package.

                               Saba is known as the "Unspoiled Queen" because of her tropical, natural beauty.
                             The dense rain forest covers the island including the highest point - Mount Scenery. 
                            Saba is the smallest island of the Dutch Caribbean formerly the Netherlands Antilles.           
                              This beautiful little island is an absolute gem
- a "new world" to enjoy and explore


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NATURE: The link to "nature" will show you some of what this island has to offer - the flora, fauna and natural features. Saba is known as the "Unspoiled Queen" because of her rich, tropical, natural, beauty.  The Saba Conservation Foundation was formed to preserve and manage the natural and cultural heritage. Visitors will enjoy Saba's rain forest, tide pools, historic ruins and rich nature wonderland - all on your doorstep.

DIVING: "Organised" diving only got started in the early 1980's ! European divers will be excited by this new "dive destination".  Saba rises steeply from the ocean - lava tunnels and hot springs are exciting reminders of the dramatic volcanic beginnings of the island.

SNORKELLING: The crystal-clear water gives snorkellers views of the undersea world they would not see anywhere else - very close to shore. Saba is known for its exciting underwater features and large ocean-roaming creatures especially sharks and rays. 

Saba is virtually unknown in diving circles, but a recent scientific survey made astounding discoveries on the Saba Bank Atoll, a coral-crowned seamount - the third largest atoll in the world with an enormous active reef. This is certain to make Saba one of the best diving/snorkelling destinations in the world. You heard it here first. See the diving or snorkelling pages above for more information.

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ACTIVITIES: The link above will give you an outline of the activities on Saba - which revolve around its natural beauty - the rain forest, the mountain trails and of course the ocean. It goes without saying there are no theme parks or fun fairs. There are activities for visitors to enjoy the island's rich and varied heritage.

: The sightseeing link above will give you some information on some of the interesting sights to see on the island - caves, tide pools, historic ruins and the wonderful rain forest - and some stunning views along the trails.

NIGHTLIFE:  The nightlife on a small and undeveloped island like Saba, matches its character. There are several excellent restaurants and cafes, and the nightlife is casual, intimate and friendly. If you have come to Saba to enjoy its natural treasures then this will be the kind of "nightlife" you relish - and cannot get elsewhere in the world. There are 19 restaurants and bars, where the food is surprisingly good quality for a small island. Most restaurants offer regular entertainment.

The links above will give you a brief idea of this special little island can offer you. If you have a particular interest - let us know. We work with local companies and can include any extra activities or trips in your holiday itinerary.