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Our Diving Holidays

We are the only UK diving holiday specialist for Saba and the Dutch Caribbean. We have a wider choice of accommodation, diving services, activities and excursions than any other company. We are the preferred tour operator for many resorts consequently we have the best prices. For more information about us, where we go and the services we offer you please see the links on the banner at the top of the page.

We are the only company that offers you such a wide choice of accommodation and services - plus flexibility in travel dates and length of stay.
We really can "tailor" your Dutch Caribbean holiday itinerary. Other companies claim to "tailor" make holidays but limited choice and no flexibility is not "tailor made". We can prepare a holiday plan according to your wishes. Many travel companies advertise "diving holidays" - but don't include any air ! We will give you a quote that includes the "extra" elements you want for your diving holiday. Our discounted dive packages are designed to give you a clear and honest price for a diving holiday itinerary.

                         Our e
xperience and local knowledge enables us to organise all your diving requirements. 
                            We are the only UK company with the ability to genuinely "tailor-make" your holiday. 
                                          There is no substitute for personal experience and local knowledge.


Our Famous DDD Offer

Many divers, over the years, have booked one of our DDD packages - diving holiday itineraries at a discounted price. DDD packages are not just unbeatable value for money - they give you an honest and accurate price for a diving holiday. Our DDD special offer can include all - and more - of the elements below. You can fine-tune DDD packages - they are not "set in stone"

Our DDD special offer:
    *   Return flights from the UK
    *   Accommodation of your choice
    *   Breakfast each day
    *   Boat dives
    *   Airport taxes
    *   Airline fuel surcharge
    *   Airline ticketing fee

Our DDD offer price gives you : 
     *    one night's accommodation  -  free
     *    one day's breakfast  -  free 

  . . . .    for each full week of your holiday.
Plus a free boat dive for each diver.

Extra boat dives, meals, excursions etc. can be added to your itinerary as you wish.


We can book all your requirements including; boat dives, tech diving, courses, special excursions etc.  It is cheaper than buying on island and will ensure availability when you arrive. Our prices include tank rental, air and weights. Click the DIVING tab for more for information about the superb diving on Saba.
Solo Divers
Solo divers can join a dive boat trip - and start diving straight away with a small group. In our experience solo divers soon have a new best friend from Montreal/Amsterdam/wherever and can enjoy the wonderful diving with a new buddy. 

These are scheduled flights. You choose the number of nights for your holiday. We search all flight options for the period you wish to travel to get you the best fare and schedule. Please click "What We Do" - "How We Work" - "Flights to Saba" - for more information.
You may book your own flights if you wish. We have a contract with KLM with special terms etc.For that reason we cannot sell just flights.

We visit Saba regularly to inspect the hotels and resorts. We offer a wider choice than any other travel company and we ONLY offer accommodation that we can  personally recommend. We will not offer accommodation which we are unable to recommend to our customers. We are happy to quote for accommodation and flights only for those who do not feel the urge to submerge.


We are a small specialist company with personally gathered local knowledge and a personal service. We hope this "makes a difference" and is of real value to our customers. But we know price is important. So:
  1:  We set our prices lower than the prices you will see on the websites of various hotels/resorts/dive centres/vehicle hire companies.
        You are immediately guaranteed a better price. 
  2:  We use a better exchange rate than credit cards and far better rate than individuals get when paying resorts in the Caribbean 
  3:  Transaction charges on credit cards are much lower in the UK than the Caribbean.

Our prices save you around 10% on the "booking direct" price and prices of other UK travel companies.

Many websites offering holidays quote prices exclusive of tourist taxes, service charges and insurance on vehicle hire  -   this can add as much as 43% to the price !   Some quote without airport taxes and airline fuel surcharge   now over 50% of the air fare -  a very nasty shock when they add this to your (final) holiday invoice.
This is an excerpt from a website of resort/hotel in the Caribbean
"Prices are excluded 10.6% service charge over the basic rate. Prices do not include tourist tax of $6.50  p.p. per night.
There is a 6% charge to the amount if you decide to pay with your credit card."

We include all these taxes and charges. "Like for like"   we have the best prices.  Booking with us is easier - safer - cheaper.