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Diving on Curaçao

Curaçao has been voted 3rd best shore diving location - in the world! The 2nd best shore diving site in the Caribbean! With only a few miles separating the two islands, it's not surprising that Curaçao shares the same wonderful ocean conditions as Bonaire. Tropical water temperature, superb visibility and an enormous diversity of marine life. The south west side coast, where most diving takes place, has virtually no currents. It is 37 miles of fantastic shoreline, 38 beautiful bays with superb beaches - all excellent shore diving sites. Curacao is the largest of the three ABC islands, but still only 37 miles long by 6 miles across - about the same size and population as the Isle of Wight.  Curacao's weather is almost always 29ºc - with a cooling breeze – perfect weather all year.  The island is outside the hurricane belt. The weather rarely delays any diving - diving on Curacao is almost 365 days of the year. The ocean visibility is an amazing 30 - 40 metres !  Ocean water temperature is a wonderful 28ºc - all year. Divers will be comfortable in a 3mm shortie.

                                           Curacao was voted 3rd best shore diving location in the world!
                                             Fantastic reef  -  warm clear water  -  calm ocean conditions  -
                                     40 shore diving sites  -  fabulous weather  -  relaxed island atmosphere
                             huge diversity of marine life - interesting wrecks . . . . . . . .  and diving freedom. 


The bays and beaches along the south west coast are paradise" !

There are 38, small, secluded bays along the south west coast. They are all very quiet - there is no mass tourism on Curacao. These gorgeous bays have soft-sand beaches and many have parking, cafes and bars. These bays are ideal for shore diving, snorkelling or just relaxing. They offer very easy access to the ocean, and with few other people around, you can enjoy your chosen pastime in peace and at your own pace. They are great for non-divers to enjoy - and with vehicle it is very easy for non-divers to head off and explore the island - whilst the divers are otherwise engaged.

Curacao has over 60 official dive sites, 40 of which are shore diving sites.

Each shore diving site is also a great snorkelling spot. Each site is clearly marked, and dive maps are available. Most accommodation is along this coast. Wherever you stay, you'll be very close to several excellent dive sites - and not far from any of the other dive sites.   Curacao has a parallel fringing reef – easy to navigate – the water is either dark blue or turquoise blue - very simple. A shallow shelf, with a sandy bottom slowly slopes to the reef and its excellent wall dives. The drop off is usually around 25 metres from shore - about the length of a swimming pool – and the ocean a lot calmer than the average swimming pool ! Some sections of coast have a double reef system. The exceptionally easy ocean conditions and easy access to the ocean, make Curacao a perfect place for snorkellers and divers of all capabilities - in fact anyone who wants to enjoy the ocean. Divers of all standards can relax and really enjoy the wonderful marine life.   Easy access to the warm, clear, calm ocean sounds like paradise. But that's not the whole story. The superb condition of the reef, makes diving on Curacao very rewarding and exciting – for all divers. Curacao's protected, healthy reefs, the unusual coral formations, various wrecks and a huge diversity of marine life are what it is really all about.

There are no liveaboards on Curacao. The proximity and easy access to the reef means you can dive day or night and be back in your room very shortly after - ready to go out and enjoy the Caribbean nightlife.  

Night, Shore, Wall and Wreck diving plus warm, calm, crystal clear water. What more can you ask for? Diving on Curaçao is easy and rewarding - great fun for all divers - just as diving should be. On every dive you'll see hard and soft corals, sponges of all shapes, sizes and colours, hundreds of species of colourful fish and fascinating creatures -  far too numerous to mention.   Add to all that the chance to dive the open ocean - the wild side of the island  The rugged east coast,  37 miles of powerful ocean crashing against spectacular volcanic rock formations. It's a challenge some divers can't resist – but you need a boat for this - no shore access ! But we can organise a specialist guide if you want to experience the open ocean – and the "bigger stuff ".

Curacao has something for every diver - outright beginners up to experienced professionals.

The Curacao Marine Park, known as the Curacao Underwater Park was established in 1983 – on the south western coast of the island and includes some of Curacao's finest reefs. The seaward boundary is the 60-metre mark and on the shore side the boundary is high-water mark. Divers are asked for a $10 contribution to the Curacao Marine Park. Strict protection of the ocean and the reef has resulted inn Curacao having some of the best reefs in the Caribbean.   

Diving Freedom

Air/nitrox is sold in unlimited packages - tanks are available 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. With a huge number of shore diving sites, and "unlimited air" package and a vehicle to come and go as you please, you can dive when and where you like, for as long as it is safe to do so. Which is why we recommend hiring a vehicle. "Diving Freedom" is not just a catchy phrase. For divers and snorkellers we recommend pick-ups, for getting to all those diving/snorkelling sites. These have air-conditioned, double cabs which seat 5 people comfortably. Your kit, tanks etc., can ride in the pick-up section. Ideal for getting around the island. Wherever you are on Curacao, you are never more than 45 minutes from your resort or 15 minutes from the ocean.

Although dive boats can be useful to access some secluded coves – there is no need for a regime of boat dive timetables. Boat dives are usually no more than 15 minutes journey - along the coast - from your dive centre.  The proximity of dives sites, even boat dive sites, means you are not away for long periods. We work with all the major dive centres on Curacao and can provide you with tailor made dive packages that will ensure you get the very best out of your diving on this fabulous island. All have, guides, dive boats, the latest equipment for sale or hire. They all have a full range of instruction courses.  Curacao a great place to learn or take a referral or refresher course. Shore diving means you don't get thrown over the side with 20 other people ! Click Our Diving Holidays above for more information on the services we offer.

Diving Freedom is the culture on Curacao - but that only means that you have that freedom if you choose. You are not "left on your own".  Curacao is dependant on people who appreciate the environment - divers and snorkellers certainly fit that category. No one will follow you around, or tell you what to do, but if you need help and advice - just ask.  Guides are available and boat dives are not expensive - and very easy way to go with a small group and have a guide along. When you book with us we will send you a specially commissioned fish card showing the marine life you can expect to see.

Curacao is ideal for families trying to juggle diving and non-diving family members. There is a lot to do, including many beaches for doing nothing much. The weather and relaxed atmosphere are ideal for children. Dive sites are close to shore, so you are not away for long, and you decide how long you will dive for. Good for families looking for something special - away from the commercialised tourist traps. The island has a lot of activities and Willemstad, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a fascinating city. There is no mass tourism industry, but lots for non-divers to see and do. With a vehicle there is plenty to explore on the island.  


Curacao has been statistically proven to be one of the safest places on the planet. We have not had one case of crime reported to us from Curacao. The advice on Curacao is the same as everywhere else in the world - don't leave valuables on show.

Curacao's St. Elisabeth Hospital is one of the most modern and well equipped hospitals in the region. Curaçao takes divers' safety very seriously. The island has two decompression chambers, one of which is the largest in the Caribbean.

We know the island very well. We are an ATOL bonded tour operator - a diving specialist travel company and the only UK specialist for Curacao. We are uniquely able to tailor make a holiday itinerary for you which can include not just flights and accommodation – but a full diving package – tailored to suit your wishes – as well as vehicle hire, useful for exploring the island.   

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