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Things To Do On Curacao

Curacao has a lot going on - no theme parks or fun fairs - but lots to see and do, especially if you appreciate your natural surroundings. Curacao is relatively unknown to people from the UK. Being "unknown" - off the beaten track - is the big attraction. Curacao a new destination for most people from the UK –  more interesting – more exciting. Curacao, like neighbouring Bonaire, has generally opposed commercial development to protect its character and natural habitats. A key feature of the Dutch Caribbean islands is being able to enjoy various activities - if you want - when you want - at your own pace and in your own time. An exhilarating change from feeling like part of a tourist package. You will enjoy the activities and sights all the more - and hopefully tempted to try new things. Curacao has a very varied and interesting choice of activities to offer all its visitors. Activities, tours and services are offered in the manner that typifies Curacao, laid back and relaxed. 

                            Curacao is famous for superb diving but this interesting island has a lot more to offer.
                              Glorious small bays and beaches - exciting natural habitats - sports and activities.
                               Curacao is a UNESCO heritage site with over 700 fascinating historical buildings.
                                    Curacao has a lot to offer all its guests   -   something for everyone to enjoy.


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The Nature link will show you a little of what this island has to offer - the flora, fauna and natural features on the island. Outside of the capital, Willemstad, the island is quiet and undeveloped making it easy to explore and enjoy the island's natural world.
The Diving link gives you information about the magnificent reef and easy conditions that make Curacao one of the best diving destinations in the world. If you have ever been tempted to try - now is the time and Curacao the place. Conditions are easy and the ocean rewards divers with some spectacular sights - a huge diversity of marine creatures.
Snorkelling - same story as the diving - very easy and very rewarding. The reef is in shallow water - as are some wrecks - with clear water you get a great view of the underwater world. The "Snorkelling" link gives you more information about the wonderful snorkelling on Curacao.
Diving and snorkelling are generally from some of the most beautiful sandy bays you'll ever see. Curacao is famous for its 38 picturesque coves with white sand beaches and crystal clear blue water - wonderful for those wanting to relax and those wanting to enjoy the ocean.

The Sub-Menu On This Page

The Activities link above will give you a brief idea of the many sports and activities on offer. All activities are organised in a very relaxed way - the only way to enjoy your holiday - and a great opportunity to try something new.
The Sightseeing link above will give you some information on some of the interesting sights to see and regular events on the island. Willemstad is a UNESCO heritage site - many buildings date back hundreds of years.  Dozens of tours of all descriptions, historical, architectural and natural - large areas of the island are given over to wilderness style parks. 
The Nightlife link gives a brief outline of the relaxed and friendly nightlife on Curacao.  Some superb restaurants and some very interesting clubs and bars – blues music is a big favourite here. Salsa is everywhere – and you are on holiday !

The links above will give you a brief idea of what Curaçao has to offer, but this is only an outline, there is a lot more available. If anything catches your eye, we'll let you have more details. We work with a tour company on Curacao that offers visitors a range of island tours and activities, a reliable and experienced company. We can advise and book any excursions or trips you might like to take on Curacao and we can include them in your holiday itinerary.