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About Curaçao

Bon Bini Curaçao - Welcome to Curacao !

The island of Curacao is in the southern Caribbean Sea, 50 miles north of South America, 30 miles west of Bonaire and 50 miles east of Aruba. Curaçao (pronounced "kura-sow") is 38 miles long by around 6 miles wide, largest of the three ABC islands, Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao - and home to 150,000 people. Curacao shares its history and culture with its sisters, Bonaire and Aruba, but each island has developed in different ways. Aruba developed tourism – while Bonaire resisted almost all commercial development. Curaçao is a combination of these approaches and has an exciting character of its own. The west coast of Curacao is 37 miles of beautiful, pristine coastline, 38 secluded coves with wonderful sandy beaches, and a warm clear ocean. The coves and bays are perfect for relaxing, usually shared with no more than a handful of people - ideal for shore diving and water sports. They offer easy access to the ocean, and with few other people around, you can enjoy yourself in peace and quiet. The rugged east coast is 37 miles of powerful ocean crashing against spectacular volcanic rock formations.

                                   Curacao is a fascinating island. The capital, Willemstad, a 17th. century port,
                               is a UNESCO world heritage site - with over 700 historically interesting buildings.
                                 Outside of the city, the quiet bays and beautiful beaches are wonderful places
                               for you to enjoy the peace, the perfect weather and the wonderful Caribbean Sea.



The Arawak Indians, from South America, were the first settlers. The Spanish arrived in 1499, and in 1634 the Dutch claimed the island, the British had control for a short while. Throughout the colonial period control of the island changed many times and was the target for many pirate raids. Curacao has been the main trading centre of the Caribbean for many centuries, and people from around the world settled on the island, giving it a rich and diverse history and culture, typical of the Dutch Caribbean. This multi-cultural character has given the Dutch Caribbean islanders their friendly, easy-going nature.

Perfect Weather

Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao are outside the hurricane belt. The weather is always warm and sunny with a steady breeze, keeping the air fresh, keeping you comfortable. The air temperature is almost always 29c (84f). Annual rainfall is just 56 cm. (22 inches).
"Perfect" weather - no matter what kind of holiday you prefer - you can enjoy it to the full.


Curaçao has a wide choice of activities to enjoy, on land and sea, natural attractions, plus tours and excursions. Most of the island is undeveloped, unspoilt and very peaceful - no mass tourism, no theme parks or fun fairs. With an independent spirit, and our guidance, you can discover Curacao's many charms for yourself, at your own pace. The islands' history and culture provide some fascinating sightseeing and very interesting museums and art galleries - in some unique settings. You can enjoy a range of sports activities: bird watching, sailing, bowling, mountain biking, drag racing, fishing, golfing, hiking, jeep safaris, horse riding, paintballing, rock climbing, tennis, water sports etc. Please click "Things to Do" for more information and a picture gallery of activities.  

Curacao is famous for its superb scuba diving. Curacao has over 60 official dive sites, 40 of which are shore diving sites. Each shore diving site is ideal for snorkelers too. The reef is a fringing reef 25 metres from shore. The reef and ocean are strictly protected. The underwater habitat is in excellent condition, with a huge variety of species close to shore. The island has perfect weather, warm and sunny almost every day of the year. The beautiful bays give easy access to the ocean and a sublime place for non-divers and divers (on a break) to relax. Warm, calm water and excellent visibility make Curacao one the easiest and most rewarding places to dive or snorkel in the world.
Curacao, and its close neighbour Bonaire, are rated by U.K., U.S. and European dive magazines as two of the best diving destinations in the world. Please click the Diving link above for more information and for a picture gallery of Curacao's underwater world.


We offer a wide choice of accommodation on Curacao. Most accommodation is in studios, apartments or bungalows on small resorts - even the larger resorts only accommodate around 200 people when full.
The quality of accommodation is excellent. Accommodation ranges from hotel rooms to luxurious suites ; studios to 1, 2 or 3 bedroom apartments and bungalows. Most accommodation is self contained, with modern kitchen facilities. You have the freedom to self cater, but resorts have a restaurant (or two) on site, and there will be several others nearby. Resorts have facilities for divers.


The nightlife on Curacao is typical Dutch Caribbean, relaxed and friendly. Even popular places, like Mambo Beach, are not frantic, just lively. There are clubs and bars in the capital, Willemstad, but these are smaller and more intimate places, not the noisy nightclubs that we know in Europe. Curaçao has a wide range of excellent restaurants, with a variety of cuisine on offer. 
Salsa is a way of life - who knows this could be a new passion !
For more information and pictures see the Nightlife page under "Things To Do" on the banner above.

Curacao . . . . . . one of the safest places in the world.

The Dutch Caribbean has a diverse cultural heritage which has given these societies a "welcoming" attitude which has given each island a relaxed and very friendly atmosphere.

In an article about safety, Destination Travel on msnbc.com says: "We analyzed data, from U.S. State Department …. and the latest United Nations survey on global crime trends to the Mercer rankings of the world's safest cities, and ………they include the Dutch ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao) on a list of the world's safest places to travel"

There are no special vaccinations required for the Dutch Caribbean - no major health issues – each island has excellent medical facilities. The standard of cleanliness, health and hygiene is excellent. See our "Practical Stuff" page for more information on the more mundane, but important, details that will help your holiday go well.

Curaçao has a wonderful blend of interesting history, natural beauty, sociable nightlife and sports and activities. It has a lot to offer all visitors and  you can enjoy all those places of interest and things to do at your own pace.
We are regular visitors to the islands and we can answer any questions from personal experience.  We love talking about the islands so feel free to contact us, we would be delighted to discuss any plans you have for a holiday to this wonderful part of the world. Whatever your holiday preference, enjoying the fantastic weather in peace on superb beaches, the rich culture of the islands, outdoor sports and/or world class snorkelling and diving, we are experienced in organising holidays in this special part of the world. We tailor-make each holiday individually to your requirements and wishes. Our local knowledge and extensive choice means that we can advise on the itinerary that suits you best. We are the preferred tour operator for many resorts and have the best prices and offers. Please click the various links above to see more information and pictures about each wonderful island.  There is so much more to say - and see ! Pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them and will open an "album" of pictures. Quotes for holidays are given with no obligation.

Thanks for your interest in our holidays