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Diving on Aruba

Aruba is a small island in the southern Caribbean – blessed with perfect weather, warm water and some of the best scuba diving sites in the world. Aruba is known as the "wreck diving" capital of the Caribbean with boat and plane wrecks in 8 to 30 metres of warm, clear water. Aruba has 42 recognised dive sites - with a huge diversity of marine creatures, including many species of colourful tropical fish, manta rays, barracuda, the rare green moray and many more. The reef, with magnificent sponges and coral formations, has benefited from protection measures for some years. Aruba is working hard to conserve the ecological health of its many reefs. With exceptionally easy ocean conditions and a huge amount to see, the ocean around Aruba is perfect for diving or snorkelling.  All divers - beginners to advanced - can enjoy this exciting ocean.  The fantastic visibility, lack of serious currents on the sheltered coast and huge variety of things to see in shallow water, make Aruba one of the best places to dive or snorkel in the world.

An exciting, tropical island  -  "perfect weather"  - warm, clear, calm water 
                                    fantastic wrecks -  diverse, thriving marine life  -  colourful, coral reefs.
                                         Warm - easy - spectacular – it doesn't get much better than this.


The ocean around Aruba, like the other ABC islands, Bonaire and Curacao, is wonderfully clear and warm - perfect for water sports, scuba diving and snorkelling. The ocean is very clear with visibility around 30-40 metres. This can vary, when you are close to any of Aruba's large, sandy beaches. Water temperature is a constant 28ēC (82ēF) and a 3mm / 5mm a shortie will be sufficient unless you tend to "feel" the cold. We realised, long ago, that a quick dip in the sea will not "cool you down" - the water is much the same temperature as the air temperature !  Conditions are very easy for everyone wishing to enjoy the wonderful Caribbean Sea

On the sheltered south west coast of the island, the ocean is calm, and where most diving takes place. Most accommodation on Aruba is along this coast so you don't have far to go to get into the ocean.  For almost the entire south west coast there are little or no currents. Currents are stronger towards the tips of the island, and on the south west coast, towards the southern end of the island, divers can drift dive. The open ocean side of the island the north east coast – has heavier seas and currents – but divers are rewarded with larger marine species.

Aruba has a double reef system, and the reef and wrecks are not far from shore - between 25 and 50 metres out. So it's not an "epic" voyage. Most boat journeys take between 10 and 30 minutes. There will be a dive operator at your resort - or very close to your accommodation. Boats leave 2 or 3 times daily - so you have plenty of choice. Most dive sites are excellent snorkelling sites too. Check the dive sites on the diving pages - or click this link - to see the many dive sites on the island. Click the "Snorkelling" link above for more information.

Coral formations and fish can be seen in shallow water and even non-swimmers, can put on a mask and see the wonderful coral and colourful tropical fish. The shallow depth of the reef and clarity of the ocean will give you a view of the underwater world you will not see in many other places in the world.  A sandy "shelf" slopes gently out to the reef - shallow and calm – a wonderful environment for reef creatures – and for you to see the amazing marine life. The reef is in just 10–15 metres of warm, clear water.  Photographers love the variety on Aruba, the various wrecks and marine life. The clarity of the water provides excellent light in the clear water. Cameras are available for hire.
Aruba is particularly good for families - but especially those that enjoy the ocean. The reef is close to shore, so if you are snorkelling (or diving) you are not away for long - never far from shore – boat rides to sites average around 15 minutes.  Aruba's fantastic beaches have lots of activities and amenities on them for the whole family to enjoy.

Diving Specialist

We know the island very well. We are a diving specialist travel company and the only UK specialist for Aruba. We work closely with the dive centres on the island, uniquely able to tailor make a holiday itinerary for you which can include not just flights and accommodation – but a full diving package – tailored to suit your wishes – as well as vehicle hire, useful for exploring the island. We can arrange vehicle hire at a lower rate than you would pay on island.  Dive boats are well equipped for the very short ride to the dive sites. Boats take very small groups, usually around 6 - 8 people – divers and snorkellers. At most sites there will be just you and few (new) friends - very relaxed and comfortable. However, they can get booked up very easily. Booking your diving, vehicle hire or any other services you might like on your holiday with us, will save you money and it will be part of an ATOL protected holiday itinerary. Not forgetting that it will guarantee you get what you want when you arrive - and avoid possible disappointment.