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About Bonaire

Bon Bini Bonaire - Welcome to Bonaire !

Bonaire is a small island, in the southern Caribbean, 50 miles from the coast of South America and 30 miles east of Curacao. Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao are the "ABC islands", part of the Dutch Caribbean. Bonaire is just 22 miles long by 5 miles wide with a population of only 13,000 people. Bonaire welcomes just 60,000 visitors per year from around the world.  The weather does not vary, almost always a comfortable 29c (84f) with a pleasant breeze, which keeps you fresh - warm and sunny in January or July.  "Perfect" all year round. Bonaire is outside the hurricane belt. Whatever kind of holiday you prefer, active or inactive, you can enjoy it to the full.

When is a good time to go ? . . . . . . "Anytime" is a good time to go!

                     Bonaire is an unspoilt,  "undiscovered" gem  -  this charming island is peaceful and quiet. 
                    The absence of a large "tourist industry" makes Bonaire almost unique in the modern world.
                    Somewhere you can totally relax in natural surroundings and enjoy your holiday to the full.

Bonaire's earliest inhabitants were the Caquetios, from Venezuela. Amerigo Vespucci, arrived in 1499 and, over the centuries, the Dutch, Spanish, British and pirates, fought for control. Eventually the Netherlands regained control and Bonaire is now a municipality of the Netherlands. The island has a cosmopolitan heritage of Spanish, Dutch and West African influences. The official language is Dutch, but islanders speak Papiamento, a mixture of Spanish, Portuguese, English, French, Dutch and African languages – but everyone speaks English The local people are friendly and helpful, but also very reserved. The island atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. You will be surprised to find how easy it is to totally relax and unwind on Bonaire. We have not found anywhere else in the world quite like Bonaire.

In 1979 the people of Bonaire, in a referendum, voted to protect the island's environment and resist over-development - a brave decision. Only 5% of Bonaire is developed and 25% of the island is set aside, mostly in the Washington Slagbaai National Park, for conservation schemes. The island of Klein Bonaire, off the west coast, is a nature reserve. Bonaire has been the winner of the "Sustainable Tourism Award". They even organise underwater litter collection! Bonaire is one of the Caribbean's least commercially developed islands. No mass tourism, no theme parks, no high rise hotels, no buildings above the second floor and just one set of traffic lights.

Divers Paradise

Bonaire's coast and ocean are strictly protected. Already a premium diving and snorkelling destination, this legal protection has ensured the reef and ocean environment are in superb condition. Bonaire is one of the best scuba diving and snorkelling destinations in the world. Bonaire's island motto is Divers Paradise – they even put that on their car number plates. Readers of Scuba Diving Magazine rated Bonaire "Top Caribbean Dive Destination" for the third year in a row- as well as "Top Marine Life", "Top Shore Diving", "Top Snorkelling", "Top Destination for Underwater Photography" and "Top Destination for Beginners" !    Top that !

The ocean is a wonderful 28ºC (82ºF) and visibility is around 40 metres.  Exceptionally easy ocean conditions make Bonaire a perfect place for learners, inexperienced divers and snorkellers. It is consistently voted world's number one "beginner's" dive destination. The east coast, the "wild side", has heavier seas with strong currents and larger creatures, a challenge for experienced divers. Bonaire offers a great deal to divers of all capabilities. Please click the Diving and Snorkelling links on the banner above for more information

But... diving is not compulsory !

If you want to do more than relax on a quiet beach or dive, Bonaire offers a lot of activities, which make the most of Bonaire's natural attributes. Activities include: world class windsurfing in Lac Bay, kayaking in the mangrove and on the ocean, sailing, kite surfing, fishing, bird watching, cycling, walking, horse riding and land yachting "blo-karting". "Activities" are organised in that informal, relaxed Caribbean way. You can enjoy them as and when it suits you, with no long queues. There are no crowds on Bonaire, in our out of the water. The friendly atmosphere and absence of an "audience", might encourage you to try new adventures.  Please click the "Things to Do" link above for more information


We offer a wide choice of accommodation on Bonaire. Our holidays are designed for "independently minded" people and the accommodation on Bonaire is ideal. Our accommodation ranges from hotel rooms to luxurious suites ; from studios to 1 , 2 or 3 bedroom apartments and bungalows ; private houses/villas to penthouse apartments.


Most accommodation is within a mile or two of Kralendijk, the capital, which has 51 restaurants and some excellent café-style bars.  There is a busy and very informal "night-life" based on the restaurants, usually al fresco, along the ocean promenade. Bonaire enjoys influences from around the world, so this small. quiet island has an amazing range of cuisine to offer visitors - Spanish influences (from South America), Caribbean, and European.  There are also numerous barbecues - very informal and great fun.  You'll find music and dancing - on resorts usually - but certainly no early hours "club life".

Bonaire. . . . . one of the safest places in the world.

The Dutch Caribbean has a rich and varied cultural heritage. This cultural mix has given these societies are more "open" attitude to visitors to their islands, an attitude that has given each island a relaxed and very welcoming atmosphere.
There are no special vaccinations required for the Dutch Caribbean - no major health issues – each island has excellent medical facilities. The standard of cleanliness, health and hygiene is excellent. See our Practical Stuff page for more information on the more mundane, but important, details that will help your holiday go well.

Bonaire's unspoilt beauty, perfect weather, unpretentious character, diving freedom and friendly people, all combine to create an atmosphere in which you can enjoy your holiday to the full.  Each day on the island is a genuinely refreshing experience. Just being able to totally relax seems… exciting!

Whatever your preference, enjoying the fantastic weather in peace or enjoying outdoor sports, we are experienced in organising holidays in the Dutch Caribbean. We love talking about these wonderful islands, feel free to contact us. Please see the links to information about this island and our company - above. Quotes for holidays are given with no obligation. Bonaire Fun Travel has sponsored cultural events, like the Bonaire Dive Festival, DIAB, the Bonaire Jazz Festival, The Bonaire Underwater Festival (first of its kind in the world) and other events. We also won the award for tourism to Bonaire for three consecutive years.