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Activities on Bonaire

There are lot of sports and pastimes to enjoy on Bonaire - a surprising number given the size of the island - and the lack of commercial development. As with most things on Bonaire these are organised in a relaxed way - individually or in very small groups. This is a very refreshing change from over-organised activities, queues and crowds and all the time feeling like a customer - as opposed to a welcome guest - enjoying their time on the island. This allows you to relax and not just enjoy your chosen activity - but hopefully you'll be tempted to try things you have always wanted to do - but never got the opportunity in such a pleasant environment.

                               On a Caribbean island surrounded by a pristine coral reef and clear, warm water -
                          with colourful creatures and things to see - the emphasis is on diving and snorkelling.
                                  But there is much more to see and do if you do not feel the urge to submerge !


Diving and Snorkelling

On the west coast, there are no serious currents, so you can snorkel anywhere you can fall into the water. Bonaire is famous for its diversity and abundance of marine life. With up to 40 metres visibility the snorkelling is breathtaking - so be careful ! Swimming, snorkelling or diving is easy and comfortable. You will love this clear, clean, warm ocean. The ocean is calmer than the average swimming pool ! Please click the Diving and Snorkelling tabs above for more information


Kayaking is great fun and very popular on both the ocean and in the Mangroves. Ocean kayaking is only on the calm, south west coast - where currents are very light. Some resorts have kayaks on site for you to enjoy. You can paddle the protected waters of Lac Bay, or through the mangroves, one of the least known and most endangered environments on our planet. There are guided tours (one includes a snorkelling stop). There are single or double "sit-on" kayaks available. They are very easy to handle, great for beginners and with a very gentle pace you won't get tired! If you'd rather sit back and let someone else do the work try the Solar boat, which has as an electric-driven outboard - no pollution - no noise!

Blo-Karting- Land Yachting

With constant northeast trade winds and fantastic weather, there is no better place than Bonaire to experience this exhilarating new sport. Bonaire has a 580 metre track, the longest man made track in the world. It is easy to learn and can be enjoyed by anyone over the age of 7. Tandem rides available. Protective gear supplied.
"It's a blast for the whole family"


Bird Watching

Over 170 species of birds including the strikingly colourful trupials and hummingbirds, heron, osprey, frigate birds, cormorants, and many other species of birds. Bonaire is one of only four breeding sites in the world for Pink Flamingos. Bonaire has tens of thousands of these beautiful birds On Lake Goto, or feeding in the salt pans. They feed on brine shrimp in the salt pans, which gives them their pink colour. Bonaire's avian inhabitants have featured in the UK's Bird Watching magazine.  (click the link to read the article). You might also like to click on the Nature tab above for more images and information.

Hiking / Mountain biking

Cycling is an excellent way to enjoy viewing wildlife and exploring the island in peace and quiet and without too much effort.  Bonaire is relatively flat and the coast road is a good quality tarmac road. There are over 300 km of trails, to explore the island, many are old donkey tracks dating back hundreds of years. The island's rugged hinterland is for those who like something more challenging. Bonaire offers something for everyone. A simple pedal around the island - or a bone shaking adventure across country. Either way you'll get to see this fascinating island from a whole new perspective. On a small island there is little danger of overdoing it - as you will never be far from home. We can book bikes for you as part of your holiday plan.


Bonaire is known as one of the best windsurfing destinations in the world. The glorious (only word for it) Lac Bay is a magnificent (another good word) Caribbean bay - wide, warm and wonderful conditions for surfers. The huge bay has room - and various oceans /wind conditions - for all surfers - absolute beginners right up to world class professionals like the local hero Tonki Frans. Please click the WINDSURFING tab above for more information.
Kitesurfing - is rapidly gaining in popularity and Bonaire is the perfect destination for kitesurfers of all levels. With the year round steady trade winds, warm water and laid back atmosphere, learning to kitesurf has never been easier!  Head down to Pink Beach or Atlantis on the south west coast, the wind will take you parallel to the shore, at amazing speeds.
N.B. For safety reasons, no kite surfing on Lac Bay.

Boat Trips

There are numerous boat trips on offer - and a variety of craft. many of these tips will include an opportunity to snorkel some of the more inaccessible bays - so you should always take some kit. Many will also include refreshments - even barbecues ! Great fun - and highly recommended. A very relaxing and interesting way to enjoy the coast. On our last boat trip we were joined by a pod of around 30 playful dolphins - magical end to a wonderful day. The Aquaspace is a catamaran with a Perspex hull, for viewing underwater life, while staying dry. Great sightseeing and snorkelling trips. The boat gets into some inaccessible bays - where the snorkelling is superb ! They offer excursions with food provided. We have enjoyed a few of those !


Steady winds and calm seas make Bonaire ideal for sailing and yachting. There are several excursions available. Some offer gourmet sunset dinner cruises, or you can charter crewed vessels for half or full day. You can hire smaller boats to sail yourself.
Bowalie is a luxury sailing yacht that sails the beautiful Bonaire coastline. The sailing tours are suitable for small groups (6-8 people) - half or full day, sunset cruises and private sailing cruises.
Bonaire Regatta is held in October. All the action is clearly visible from shore. The week long festivities include nightly entertainment in the streets of Kralendijk.


Every February the whole island of Bonaire lets its hair down for Carnival week. Enjoy the fun of the Carnival in Rincon and Kralendijk, Bonaire's two main towns. Visitors can enjoy the infectious Caribbean carnival celebrations - a mix of dancing, music, international shows, cultural events, delicious local delicacies to eat etc.  Highlights of the carnival include the magnificent costume parade of people dancing through the streets of Kralendijk and Rincon. 

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Horse Riding - there are a number of horse ranches, or 'kunukus', where group tours, private lessons and trail rides are available. Like every other activity on Bonaire this is very low key - and the horses are very well cared for.

Golf - "Piedra So" is Bonaire's first Golf Club. The founders of the course wanted to keep the landscaping as natural as possible which means no grass grown fairways, but fairways of local soil - "browns" rather than greens ! A very special golf experience !
It's Golf, Jim - but not as we know it !

- people who enjoy fishing can experience the supreme challenge of catching an elusive, feisty, bonefish. Fly fishermen rave about this particular sport. Roll up your trousers for this one - because you will be getting your feet wet. There are a number of "secret" spots the local guides have staked out on the island and are willing to share with visiting fishermen. In addition to bone fishing, there are a number of charter boats that will take anglers into deeper water away from the island - for the big game fish - Marlin, Sailfish, Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo etc.

Let us know if you would like to book hire vehicles, or book any activities, tours or excursions for your holiday.