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Extra Information

KLM.com - AirFrance.co.uk

You can access a lot of extra information and request extra services online by going to AirFrance.co.uk or KLM.com.
There are several options to review or modify various aspects of your booking if you wish, on the airlines' websites.
All you need is the booking code advised by us. You can also access this service via your mobile device (with Internet).

Some of the things you can do online on the airlines' websites

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Check-in:  You can check-in online within 30 hours of departure.
There is link for you to request a message to tell you when you can check in online.
Included in this message is a personalised link to online check-in for you to check in
immediately without having to enter your details.

Arrange extra baggage:
View your luggage allowances and purchase extra baggage at a discount of 20%.

Choose or upgrade your seat : See "Classes & Seats" for more information. At times this service may be restricted. Seats can only be selected/changed after the flight ticket has been issued. If you wish to upgrade, we would require an increased deposit to be able to issue flight tickets immediately, enabling you to make full use of the online services.

Request a special meal: If you have special dietary requirements you can request a special meal - or you can request one with us.
On intercontinental flights, KLM have a number of special meal options - 14 different meals available - ranging from vegetarian and
cholesterol-reduced to kosher and low-salt. You can request special meals with us - or online - up to 48 hours before departure.

Reservation details:
Inform family and friends about your travel plans with an e-mail with the 'send to a friend' option.

Compensate for the CO2:
Fly CO2 neutral.


A mother in good health in a pregnancy with no complications can fly until the 36th week of her pregnancy. For a multiple pregnancy,
the 32nd. week. An expectant mother with possible pregnancy complications will require a clearance form. This form must be submitted
at least seven days prior to departure to KLM Medical Service. Passengers over 36 weeks (32 weeks for multiple birth) may not fly.
You should inform us if any of your party is pregnant. KLM does not recommend travel within 7 days of birth .

Medical Advice

Assistance: If you need special assistance boarding or during the flight please let us know.
In some cases passengers might require medical clearance from KLM before flying. In such cases a form needs to be completed
by your own doctor and returned at least 48 hours before flight departure. Passengers that might fall into this category are :
Passengers suffering from a contagious disease.
Passengers who will need medical care during the flight.
Passengers needing personal care travelling without a companion.
Passengers who cannot use the aeroplane seats in a normal, upright position.

CAA Advice and Information

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The Civil Aviation Authority publishes various leaflets for your information. 
Peace of Mind for Travellers : the risk of booking with non-ATOL licensed suppliers - including airlines.

Suppliers based outside the UK, or without an ATOL licence, are not protected by the scheme.
They are not subject to UK consumer protection laws.
We are a UK based , ATOL bonded company.
Please click the image on the right to read the full leaflet.

Exercise: Airlines  recommend several "exercises" whilst on board. Walking around the cabin is the obvious method of "stretching your legs". The key is to appreciate that a little "exercise" might help you feel less fatigued and to remember to do them ! Whilst seated, various foot, arm and hand exercises all help alleviate the effects of sitting still for long periods.

The airline recommends: Consume more liquids than usual - but caffeine and alcohol in moderation. Choose light meals. Consult your doctor prior to your trip if you suffer from chronic disorders or airsickness. Have gum or sweets ready for take-off and landing to reduce the affect of changes in air pressure.

Flying Blue: If you're a member of the Flying Blue programme, the 'miles' flown on your holiday trip will be added to your total. Once you have earned points you can benefit from several advantages such as extra luggage allowances. When you book please give us your flying blue membership number and we will ensure it is added to your booking. If you didn't indicate that you are a Flying Blue member when you made your reservation, you can do this by going to "Manage my Booking". 
Pets: There is a set charge for pets of 70 regardless of whether they travel in the cabin or as "cargo". Reconfirming your reservation - there is no  need to reconfirm your flight. If you change your plans -  if you do not check-in for your flight, KLM might cancel any connecting or return flights. Contact us or KLM if your travel plans change.