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Bon Bini na Bonaire .........Welcome to Bonaire !

Bonaire is an "undiscovered gem" - the authentic Caribbean - as it used to be.

Bonaire is very small, very relaxed and very peaceful, with a surprising number of things to do around the island, but all done in that authentic Caribbean way – no rush no fuss.  Bonaire gives you the Caribbean as it used to be – undeveloped and unspoilt and a friendly atmosphere - unlike anywhere else in the world.  We say "undiscovered" as it will be new to many people – only 60,000 people visit Bonaire each year – and Bonaire captures the heart of each and every one. Bonaire is famous for being the best diving and snorkelling destination in the world – the reef is very close to shore, a warm clear ocean and a staggering diversity of marine life.
The island motto is Divers Paradise – which means it is heaven for snorkellers too.

                                Bonaire is an "undiscovered gem" - the authentic Caribbean - as it used to be.
                           If it is possible for an island to be "unpretentious"  -  then Bonaire is precisely that !
                                         A small, charming, undeveloped island that has so much to offer.
                                                                   Bonaire will capture your heart.


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The local people are welcoming and helpful, and unlikely to approach you, unless asked. Do not mistake this for aloofness – we can assure you – local people are naturally shy. There is nowhere quite like Bonaire – a charming island where you can relax and unwind completely. No hassle, no fuss, no one constantly trying to sell you something. A holiday on Bonaire is a genuinely memorable experience. No surprise that so many people fall in love with Bonaire – and return, year after year !  In 1976 Bonaire's residents voted - in an island referendum - to resist over-development and introduce measures to conserve the natural environment of the island. This has made Bonaire a peaceful, natural "oasis" - in our hectic, busy world. There is a lot to see and do – but in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. This wonderful small island is not a major tourist destination - no crowds on Bonaire - on land or sea !  No mass tourism, no theme parks, no fun fairs. The lack of commercial development, wonderful weather and friendliness of the local people, lets you enjoy your holiday to the full, without feeling like a tourist.

Perfect Weather !

Warm and sunny in January or July with a cooling breeze that keeps you fresh and comfortable. Bonaire is outside the hurricane belt.
"Perfect weather" means that no matter what kind of holiday you prefer, you can enjoy it to the full. 
When is a good time to go ? ......Anytime -  is a good time to go !

The Ocean

Ocean conditions are perfect for the many water sports on offer.  Easy ocean conditions, a superb reef and extensive shore access to the ocean means that diving and snorkelling does not get any easier than this ! Often your bed will be less than 200 metres from the reef.  Bonaire is paradise for "old hands ", inexperienced divers and snorkellers. Click the Diving page for lots more information about the diving and the services we can offer you.

Bonaire - one of the safest places in the world

Destination Travel on msnbc.com says " The safest destinations around the world - Where you can travel without worry, and feel super-secure. …. we analyzed piles of data, from U.S. State Department warnings on crime……and the latest United Nations survey on global crime trends to the Mercer rankings of the world's safest cities,...include the Dutch ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao) on a list of the world's safest places to travel"


Somewhere Different

We are the only holiday specialist for the Dutch Caribbean in the UK. For many people our islands are "undiscovered" destinations – exciting new holiday destinations.  We are regular visitors and love talking about the islands. We would be delighted to discuss any plans you have for a holiday to this very special part of the world. We can answer any questions from personal experience.  Our local knowledge and extensive choice means that we can advise – and tailor make – the holiday itinerary that suits you best – to your requirements and wishes.  We have a wider choice of accommodation and  services in the Dutch Caribbean than any other travel company. We are the preferred tour operator for many resorts and have the best prices and  offers. Quotes for holidays are given with no obligation.
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