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Bonaire's Nightlife

Bonaire has a relaxed and very informal "nightlife" around the restaurants and bars, either in the capital Kralendijk or on one of the small resorts, who welcome non-residents to their beach barbecues etc.  Kralendijk, surprisingly, has 51 restaurants and several excellent bars. Many of these are "tucked away", there is no "tourist area" in Kralendijk. Each has a distinct character and most have terraces, facing the ocean, for al fresco eating. There is a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere, people enjoying their evening, taking a stroll along the ocean front promenade or enjoying a drink in one of the bars.
No noisy clubs, pubs or discotheques. A night out in Kralendijk means socialising with other people who are also there to enjoy themselves. It's a breath of fresh air to be able to relax and enjoy yourself in such a friendly atmosphere. There is a wide range of cuisine available, Indonesian, Chinese, Italian, French, Spanish and Caribbean of course. Fish is on every menu and will always be fresh, often something new to you.

                                            The nightlife on Bonaire is like the island informal and relaxed.  
                                       Lots of great restaurants, beach barbecues and several excellent bars.
                               The friendly atmosphere means that you can relax and enjoy the island nightlife. 
                             No rush or fuss  excellent food  balmy evenings - friendly atmosphere - a real joy.



Resorts have their own bars and restaurants, and welcome visitors. You may be staying a little "out of town" - although you won't ever be far from the main town. There will be several resorts nearby and some "independent" restaurants, so you still have a wide choice within walking distance. The atmosphere is always friendly and welcoming. Many resorts have "theme nights" - and whilst Europeans might be wary of theme nights - everything is very different on Bonaire. Part of Bonaire's unique charm is the lack of any fake "gloss" - and a theme night on Bonaire is great fun. Usually a barbecue on the beach - plenty to eat and drink - and lots of good company. The "theme" seems to get lost somewhere in the mix ! We can personally recommend them. Some resorts will also have live music. 

Some Favourite Restaurants

It Rains Fishes is on the ocean promenade in Kralendijk.  This excellent restaurant serves international cuisine and specialises in seafood, the 'catch of the day'. Tapas, pasta, vegetarian and meat dishes are also on the menu.  It Rains Fishes has a fantastic - well deserved - reputation.  Highly recommended - magnificent food. Open for dinner six days a week from 17:00 till 23:00 - Closed Sundays. 
La Guernica is on the ocean promenade in Kralendijk with fantastic views of the ocean and Klein Bonaire. The restaurant has great reputation - with an extensive seafood and tapas menu.  Another restaurant that we highly recommend - great food and lots of it !

Rum Runners is on the famous Captain Don's Habitat Resort and offers wonderful food, with an ocean view. Rum Runners offer international cuisine, local specials, and the Pizza Temple with authentic Italian thin crust pizzas. BBQ buffet is a must from 19:00 until 22:00. Special dietary or menu requests catered for. Open every day.
El Mundo is in Kaya Grandi the main street of Kralendijk.  The restaurant offers international cuisine at a very reasonable price.  Open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner: 08:00 - 22:00 pm (Bar open until 23:00)

Karel's Bar -is a Kralendijk landmark - in the middle of town - on a pier stretching out into the ocean - you can't miss it !  Karel's is a great place to chill out and watch the sun go down. Personally high recommended - hard to beat - sipping a rum punch and listening to the ocean.  Live music most weekends. Open daily from 10:00 am to 2:00 am. Happy hour is early - 5:30 to 6:30 - worth it for a pre-prandial aperitif - or a cold beer - or whatever !
Jibe City ' Hang Out Bar'
-is at Jibe City on Lac Bay, a colourful beach bar with sofas and sun loungers with plenty of shade - a perfect setting for a few drinks or a bite to eat. The Hang Out offers a selection of seafood and meat salads, fresh baguettes and the Jibe 'pita' special, plus ice creams.

Lac Cai

lac cai.jpg

Great place to spend a Sunday afternoon, not "nightlife" exactly, but certainly deserves a mention. On the north side of Lac Bay - drive for a few minutes off the main road to a small area next to the ocean. Park where you can. You'll find two bars and a small cafe. This is place for locals - it's about as "authentic" as it gets - the food and beer is cheap and cheerful. The entertainment is by local people and visitors - on an "open mike" basis. You can't buy atmosphere like this and Sunday lunches were never like this at home ! Definitely worth the trip. At the entrance to Lac Cai there is a small bar. Sunday nights they have a fantastic barbecue, often accompanied by a campfire and live music.