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Booking Flights

The Authentic Caribbean


One of the big attractions of "our" islands is that they are not over-developed as tourist destinations. That means a limited number of flights and availability can be tight. These are scheduled flights, not charter, flights. As with all scheduled flights the fare depends on availability. For this reason we always take options on flights as soon as possible. Taking flight options involves no obligation or payment from you. Taking options fixes the fare for you. After taking flight options you are able to consider our holiday proposal in your own time. We know of no other company that can offer you such a service. If you do not travel with us this time we will cancel them (if notified) or the options will automatically cancel. No obligation and no penalty. there is no downside - this is a "win-win" for customers - taking all the time pressure off the important decision making process. You do not have to buy flight tickets now - and hope your plans do not change. Now you can spend time thinking about what you want in your holiday - and not worrying about flight fares increasing every time you look ! You have the added reassurance that the schedule and itinerary can still be revised if your plans change.

                       We are in the unique position of being able to take flight options for you with no obligation. 
                           Taking flight options is a very valuable service - giving you an accurate holiday price -
                     plus time to consider, discuss and revise your holiday itinerary as you wish - in your own time. 


Best Service - Best Price

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We beat the so-called "lowest price guaranteed" websites and they provide no service, so we beat them in that department too. Booking your holiday with a computer is not a personal service - it's risky and will cost you more. Buying directly from airlines (and resorts) is more expensive than buying a tailor-made holiday from us and often means immediate payment with no refunds or amendments allowed. We give you local knowledge, experience and a personal service.

Booking Websites Can't Do The Job

The flight market is now so competitive - and often deliberately confused by website booking machines that offer no service, discussion, advice or accuracy. Often offering unworkable schedules whilst offering unrealistic prices. Only when you get to the "payment page" do you get the flight schedule and the final price. Many websites offer a cheap headline fare - but hide the awful flight schedule and demand immediate payment. Even the major airlines play this game. 

     *     You can chat with us about the best dates, schedules, fares.
     *     We can take flight options - to give you time to think.
     *     We will always quote the correct price on the first page.
     *     No matter where you book flights to "our" islands - we can do better for you

To take flight options we need the full names of passengers as per their passports.

If you prefer not to give us names, we will send a detailed holiday itinerary and quote of course, but without flight options, the fare might rise. Taking options involves no obligation or payment - until you are completely happy with our holiday proposal and decide to proceed. By taking options early, we have the best fare and we have fixed the fare - it cannot go up. If the fare goes down - it happens from time to time - we re-book and get you the lower fare. Other travel companies are unable to quote for a holiday "including flights" or give you 48 hours to decide ! Booking flights online and with some travel companies, requires an immediate payment. Often with no changes or refunds allowed. Takes some of the fun out of booking a holiday, doesn't it ?       
No matter how or where you book - we have the terms and best fares !

Travel Dates

It is useful to know if you have any flexibility in your holiday dates. We will find the best fare and schedule for you - taking into consideration all factors - fares, accommodation prices, special offers etc. It is very important to take flight options as soon as possible - even if you are still undecided. Please see How We Work - What We Do above. Your itinerary can be revised before making a final decision. Should you change your flight schedule this may alter the fare. All scheduled flight fares are subject to availability.   

Taxes and Surcharges

We include all taxes and surcharges in our price quotes. Beware of travel companies that do not include all taxes and surcharge. Taxes, fuel surcharge and the new Air Passenger Duty now total more than 50% of the flight ticket price. Some travel companies still quote price without taxes etc., or without the air fare included - a nasty shock when you receive the final holiday invoice.  Please be sure to compare prices - like for like - with all taxes included.

We Are ATOL Bonded - You Are ATOL Protected

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We are a UK registered ATOL bonded tour operator ATOL number 6811. All payments are ATOL protected by the Civil Aviation Authority. Websites without an ATOL licence have no such guarantee and are not allowed to sell flights in the UK.  Websites / suppliers based outside the UK are not bound by UK law. Our direct contract with the various airlines sets us apart from other travel companies. Please see What We Do and How We Work on the top banner. Other travel  companies are unable to offer the service on flights that we give you. We are confident our prices are best you will find.

Civil Aviation Authority Advice on D-I-Y Holidays

This text is from the CAA leaflet "Peace of Mind for Air Travellers " Click on the image to read the leaflet.
"Risks of DIY holidays
Many holidaymakers now plan so-called "DIY holidays", where you bring together holiday flights and accommodation from different suppliers, such as from airlines and hotel bed-banks. However, despite what many people believe, these holidays are not protected in the way a holiday package bought from a single holiday company would be under the ATOL Scheme. If you book your complete holiday with an ATOL travel company you will be protected. If you book direct with an airline, including budget airlines, you WON'T be ATOL protected.
Some airlines have websites that also provide links to other websites that offer hotel and car hire.
Remember, because you're not booking with a single travel company, you WON'T be ATOL protected.

Flights at Christmas . . .

                             .   .   .   . are very busy -  people flying home for Christmas (to and from the islands). The islands are never crowded but the flights are very busy and fares are at a premium. If you are considering a holiday in the Dutch Caribbean at Christmas, please  ask us as early as possible to take flight options for you. We can do this February 1st onwards for the following Christmas.