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KLM Luggage Allowances


Hand (Cabin) Luggage : 
One bag per person, maximum 12kg - 55cm x 35cm x 25cm
plus a coat, umbrella/walking stick, purse, camera bag and a reasonable amount of reading material
Checked-In LuggageOne bag per person - maximum 23kg.

Business Class
Hand (Cabin) Luggage:
One bag per person, maximum 18kg - 55cm x 35cm x 25cm -
- plus a coat, umbrella/walking stick, purse, camera bag and a reasonable amount of reading material.
A garment bag (up to 20 cm deep- maximum weight 8kg)
A briefcase (up to 20 cm deep - maximum weight 8kg).
Checked-In Luggage: Two bags per person -   maximum 32kg per piece.

Extra Bag

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You may take an extra bag above your allowances :   
Economy Class
- maximum 23kg.  
Business Class - maximum 32kg. 
KLM charge €100 each way, for an extra bag, payable at check-in.
If you pay for this online you pay 20% less.
You can do this online at KLM.com/Prepare to Travel.
Flying Blue members can take one extra piece
23kg in Economy and 32kg in Business Class - free of charge. 

Be Careful Not to Exceed Piece or Weight Limits
You cannot combine allowances - i.e. in economy you cannot pack
46kg into one bag - claiming 23 kg standard luggage allowance and
23kg extra bag allowance. The same applies to Business Class
32Kg maximum for each piece of luggage. If your bag weighs more than
23kg Economy 32kg Business - there is a severe excess charge.

Diving Equipment

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As the islands are considered the best diving destinations, the dive centres on
each island will have a full range of equipment, but you may want to take your own kit.  
This extra bag allowance replaces the old sports equipment allowance, which was restricted
to only sports (dive) gear. There is no sports equipment luggage allowance. If you need to exceed your standard luggage allowance - for your kit - you will need to purchase an extra bag. See above. You can pack your kit in whichever bag is convenient to you. Dive equipment you can take includes a wet suit, vest, socks, mask, shoes, lamp, fins, knife,
empty oxygen tank and regulator. Lights and torches must be transported in hand luggage - with batteries separated if possible.

Windsurfing equipment may consist of a board, mast, sail and boom. Kite surfing equipment may be a board or a kite bag. If your wind, wave or kite surfing equipment or body board is no longer than 200 cm (regardless of width) and no heavier than 23kg, it will be regarded as a single piece of normal baggage. You pay a fee if you wish to take your surfing equipment on top of your standard baggage allowance. You also pay a fee for surfing equipment that is longer than 200cm or heavier than 23kg. Surfing equipment longer than 300cm in length and/or weighing more than 32kg can only be transported as cargo.

Luggage for Passengers with Babies Under Two

Travelling with babies / children under 2 years without seat
You may take one collapsible buggy and an extra piece of hand luggage - maximum dimensions 55 x 35 x 25 cm - maximum weight 10 kg and one piece of hold luggage maximum 10kg. The buggy must fit under the seat or in the luggage compartment.  Large or non-collapsible buggies must be checked-in as hold luggage. You can also ask for a baby bassinet for babies up to 10kg.

Inter Island Airlines

We have an agreement with InselAir for a free dive bag of 10Kg. But Other Caribbean airlines charge between $2 & $6 per kilo for luggage over their 20Kg. standard hold allowance. Please ask us for specific charges. 

NOTE: Surfboards cannot be taken on inter island flights ! On flights operated by KLM or Air France, you can take one set of golf equipment weighing up to 23 kg (51 lbs) free as check-in luggage. If your golf bag weighs more than 23 Kg. you must pay a surcharge.

Restricted Luggage

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We advise you to pack liquids such as toiletries in your hold (checked-in) luggage. Liquids in your hand luggage are limited to quantities of 100 ml / 3.4 fl. oz. Their containers have to fit inside a re-sealable plastic bag holding no more than one litre. Each passenger is limited to one bag. You may not carry articles in any luggage which are, or appear to be, capable of firing a projectile. You are not allowed to carry pointed / edged objects in your hand baggage that could cause injury this includes scissors. Click on the image for advice from the CAA

Please note - your flights will often involve a transfer. This means going through "gate security" during the transfer. They confiscate liquids over the limit - even if they have been purchased and sealed in a duty free area. We strongly advise you NOT to purchase duty free liquids.
Please click here to see a list of items not allowed in hand luggage
Please click here to a list of restricted items
Please click here to see a list of items prohibited by UK customs