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Your Seat Onboard


Seats on AirFrance/KLM scheduled flights are more comfortable and spacious than seats on charter flights. If you have a preference for a particular seat you can select this by going to KLM.com - "My Trip" -
but only after the flight ticket has been issued. If you have trouble we will happily do this for you. See "Extra Information" above.

KLM have Economy Class service - and Business Class service.
These have two separate fare scales and we can quote for whichever service you prefer. There are various upgrade options available in the economy cabin, please see below.

Economy Class

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The ergonomically designed seats have a seat pitch of 31 inches / 79 cm. Each seat has an entertainment system showing a very extensive choice of TV series, audio books, language courses and over 80 films. These seats have phone with which you can send and receive text or email messages. KLM have "preferred seats" in Economy class which are  :
     *   Seats with extra legroom
     *   Seats in rows of two
     *   Comfort Class seats. 
These can only be purchased online at KLM.com - "My Trip"  (see "Extra Information" above).
They cannot be reserved or purchased through a tour operator or travel agent.
Often these seats are only available at check-in, whether on-line or at the airport, within 30 hours of departure.

Economy Seat with extra legroom is at least 50 inches / 127 cm (depending on the type of aircraft). 
Flying Blue Platinum / Gold members can reserve a preferred seat free of charge.
Flying Blue Gold / Sky Team Elite Plus members receive a 50% discount. Flying Blue Silver members receive a 25% discount.

Economy Seat in a row of 2
On intercontinental flights KLM have some seats in a row of two.
There are very few available, we suggest you book as soon as possible. NB. Some of these seats do not recline fully. 
Flying Blue Platinum and Gold members can reserve a seat in a row of two free of charge.
Preferred seats can only be occupied by passengers 18 and over, who do not need medical assistance or have mobility challenges.
Please note there are no guarantees regarding these seats - KLM reserve the right to change seat allocations.

Comfort Class


KLM Economy Comfort zone offers the same quality service as KLM economy but with extra legroom - 34 inches / 86 cm - and increased recline of 6 inches / 15 cm. Comfort Zone is in front of the economy class section of the plane. Comfort Class seats can only be purchased online in the "My Trip" section of KLM.com. - after the flight ticket has been issued. See "Extra Information". On some flights this service is not available we can advise when making your booking.
Flying Blue Platinum members or passengers with fully flexible Economy tickets can reserve a Comfort Class seat free of charge.
Flying Blue Gold / Sky Team Elite Plus members receive a 50% discount. Flying Blue Silver members receive a 25% discount. 
Flying Blue Platinum members or passengers with fully flexible economy class tickets are not guaranteed Comfort Class seats. Early reservation is recommended.


Click on the image for specification and price of seats.
NOTE - prices shown are approximate - we can confirm at the time of booking. The seat upgrades are priced in euros and will fluctuate according to the exchange rate - therefore the prices shown are for guidance.


World Business Class


World Business Class seats are fully adjustable, with a 175 degrees recline, a height of 75 inches / 190 cm., a privacy screen and massage mode for maximum comfort and relaxation. There is a personal entertainment system with the latest films, TV series, audio books, language courses and much more. This system can also send messages to any phone or e-mail address. These seats have a laptop connection. 
World Business Class passengers are entitled to extra luggage allowances (see "Luggage"), dedicated check-in desks and, and use of the impressive KLM Crown lounge at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. All meals in Business Class are specially prepared by top chefs. If you have any special requirements please let us know at the time of booking.  A business class ticket allows you to tailor your travel plans and "earns" 250% Flying Blue Miles

Before Departure

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You can check-in within 30 hours to departure - online, on your mobile phone, at a self-service machine or at one of the KLM desks. Drop off your bags at a self-service drop-off point or at the desk.  See  "The Journey" for more information.

Flying Blue


If you're a member of the Flying Blue programme, the 'miles' flown on your holiday trip will count towards your overall balance. Once you have earned points you can benefit from several advantages such as extra luggage allowances. Please give us your Flying Blue membership number and we will add it to your booking.

Meals and Drinks

Meals, snacks and all drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, are free of charge. On intercontinental flights you can choose from 14 meals - from vegetarian and cholesterol-reduced to kosher and low-salt - according to your dietary requirements. You can request special meals with us up to 48 hours before departure or request this online at KLM.com/My Trip

You may see offers of purchase "specialty" meals. These are "gourmet" style meals. This is an additional service - you do not pay for meals and drinks on board - unless you choose to purchase one of these "chef speciality" meals.