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The Journey

Flights to the Dutch Caribbean are with AirFrance - KLM

AirFrance - KLM fly from 15 airports around the UK !    
Aberdeen     Birmingham     Bristol     Cardiff      Durham Tees Valley      Edinburgh     Glasgow     Humberside  
Leeds Bradford      Liverpool      London City      London Heathrow     Manchester      Newcastle      Norwich

The airline has a code share with other airlines which adds more local airports to the list of possible departure points around the country.

                          Flights to the Dutch Caribbean are with AirFrance-KLM from 15 airports around the UK.
                          These are scheduled flights, you choose the travel dates and the length of your holiday.
                               Flights with AirFrance-KLM require a one hour check-in from an airport near you ! 
                             This route is the quickest, easiest and cheapest route - and does not require a visa.



Air France/ KLM use Amsterdam or Paris as their international hub for all intercontinental flights. There are flights most days to each island. There are no direct scheduled flights by any airline from the UK to the Dutch Caribbean. These are scheduled flights, not charter flights, you choose the dates you wish to travel and the length of your holiday. We always give you information on alternative schedules and routes, which might save you money or be a better schedule for you. On board KLM flights, meals and drinks are free, and the quality of the food is, judging by our customers' comments, very good indeed. 

The journey from Amsterdam/Paris to the Dutch Caribbean takes around nine and half hours. Generally flights leave around mid-day - and arrive in the Caribbean early evening. Return flights generally leave early evening and, due to the time difference, arrive in Europe the next morning. Your precise flight schedule will be on all holiday proposals and your travel documents, of course.

Some websites suggest flying via the USA to the Dutch Caribbean. These flights leave from only 2 or 3 major UK airports, with 3 hour check-in, take up to 10 hours longer, cost more and require special visas for the USA.  Flights with AirFrance-KLM have a one hour check-in - from an airport near you !  This route is quicker, cheaper, easier and does not require a visa. If you live away from a major airport, it is possible you will be on your holiday flight to the Caribbean sooner than those queuing for their flight to the USA. Please see the tabs above for more information on flights.

You Get The Best Route And Fare

The islands are not major tourist destinations and availability on flights is limited. We check all the routes to your destination, from alternative UK airports and via other islands in the Caribbean to make sure you get the best fare and the best schedule. For example, Bonaire and Curacao are just 20 minutes apart. Sometimes it might be a better to fly via Curacao to get to Bonaire. We will offer you an alternative route if this saves you money or is a better schedule.
We advise, let you choose, then take options on flights.

You can consider the itinerary in your own time. The choice is always yours. Other travel companies cannot offer the same level of service.

More Than One Island  ?
We offer holidays which combine two or more islands in the Dutch Caribbean. Due to our airline contracts, we can book flights out to one island and return from another - using a local Caribbean airline for the inter-island flights. We will book all the inter island flights as part of your holiday itinerary. Only a specialist, with local "island knowledge", working with the airlines, can offer such a comprehensive service.


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Flights from the UK to Amsterdam, to connect with your flight to the Caribbean, are European flights and check-in is just one hour.  We recommend leaving a margin of error, one hour is the minimum. Your luggage will be tagged all the way to your Caribbean destination. (see "Luggage" above for allowances). You can check in online from 30 hours before departure with the booking code we give you. If you are within the standard luggage allowances - no "extra" bags - you can use a drop off point to tag your own luggage. If you check-in online and have an extra bag you will need to a check-in at a desk.  You can also check-in at one of the many desks in the usual way. We print all the details you might need on one voucher : names : e-ticket numbers: booking reference : the full flight schedule - as a service to you and so that airline staff can see all the relevant details of your flights, quickly and easily. The return flight is an intercontinental one
and will require the usual 3 hour check-in.



KLM fly from Hall 2 at Schiphol (Amsterdam) Airport and usually arrive and depart using piers D or E. You will arrive and depart from gates very close to each other. Transfers are very quick and easy. There are rolling walk-ways along each pier - you won't actually walk very far ! If you require assistance you should advise us, and we can organise that with the airline. You do not go through the main airport or customs and the piers are fairly quiet. You will go through a security check, as with all flights. But this is your "carry-on" luggage only and is specifically for your flight, so it takes just a few minutes. KLM recommend a minimum of 40 minutes for transfer. You will make the transfer in around 10 minutes but we prefer not to book connecting flights with less than one hour for the transfer, so your luggage can make the transfer too.

Stopover at Amsterdam

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Some passengers prefer to stay the night in a hotel close to the airport to avoid the early morning rush. An alternative to staying in a hotel in the UK is to stay overnight in Amsterdam. We have a contract with a good quality hotel - a 10 minute free bus ride from the airport. Close enough for access - but far enough from the airport to be quiet. You can fly from the UK in the evening, stay overnight, get a good night's sleep and take all the rush out of an early start. You will already be checked in - your luggage can be tagged from the UK to the Caribbean - no need to collect your bags - or go through check-in again. You can continue the journey the following morning.

On Arrival

Transfers / Hire Vehicles
If you have booked a transfer you will be met at the airport by a representative of our transfer company. The airports are small and they will find you - if you don't find them first. We haven't lost anyone yet ! If you have arranged vehicle hire the vehicle hire office is either in the terminal or just outside - all explained on your travel documents. Directions to your accommodation will be with your travel documents and the vehicle will have a map. Alternatively you can arrange a transfer with us, and have the hire vehicle delivered at a time to suit you.