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Getting Around

Saba is a small, quiet, unspoilt island which will appeal to people who enjoy the natural world - on land and sea. People who want this type of holiday will relish the lack of fuss and rush - and the easy, comfortable pace of getting out and about. Saba will keep you busy, if you enjoy nature and her wonders, but it's all done at your pace, in your own time. Getting to dive boats takes a few minutes. If you are exploring Saba's natural world on land - it is on your doorstep.

We will arrange a transfer from the airport, so you will be met, and taken to your accommodation. It is an exciting, scenic drive, through some dramatic scenery. The journey will take less than 10 minutes.

                                               Saba is a very small island, consequently nothing is far away !
                               You will enjoy exploring this beautiful Caribbean gem and its interesting wildlife.
                                          Visitors can explore the island at their own pace, quietly and safely.

                                  Getting around is easy and enjoyable - and you are always close to the ocean.


Saba has just one road called ........"The Road".

From the airport to Wells Bay, the other side of the island, the road is a "U" shape that follows the contour of the island. Even though the road follows a circuitous route - it is still only 7 miles around the island. So nowhere on the island is desperately far away.

The Road was laid by hand starting in 1939 and was not completed until 1961. It is the road they said could not be built - as the twists and turns and undulating landscape make it an engineer's challenge. It runs from the airport to the harbour, and passes by the four villages on the island. There is a car hire company in The Bottom but you might want to see the roads, and how locals drive, before making a decision. We do not recommend hiring a vehicle on Saba because the roads are steep and driving can be challenging!

This doesn't mean you can't get out and about to explore the island. We recommend a taxi to explore the island. An island tour is around $40. Taxis are the most common mode of transport. But it's a very small place so no great distances to travel. It is probably best to get a taxi from one village to another - as the road is narrow in parts - and so it can be an anxious walk at times. The same applies to riding bikes of mopeds. The taxi rates are strictly regulated. Two people airport to Windwardside is around $15. Two people Windwardside to The Bottom is around $12.  


It is an extremely small island, and most people wanting to get out and about will head off, on foot, on one the many, marked, trails, in the rainforest around Mount Scenery.  This is a great way to enjoy the natural world on this unspoiled island. Walking around the villages is easy - and quite safe. Some of the grocery stores will offer delivery service to where you stay, so don't worry about not being able to carry them all back with you, but check before you start buying.

Walking along The Road to the Bottom is, as we said, not wonderful and a pleasant, if challenging, alternative is the walking trail which leaves the Road at the Saba trail shop and meets the road again directly uphill from the Medical School.

The people on Saba are very friendly, so hitchhiking from town to town is common. Taxi drivers have even been known to pick people up and not charging them for the ride if that's the direction they're going anyway.