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                         We have worked closely with Buddy Dive Resort Bonaire for many years.
                                        This close working relationship enables us to give our customers
                                     the best possible price and service at the popular Buddy Dive Resort -
                                   a high quality resort with a wide choice of accommodation and facilities.

Our Diamond Diving Deal at Buddy Dive Resort

Our DDD packages are comprehensive diving itineraries designed to give you a clear - honest discounted price for a diving holiday. Most websites publish prices without tourist taxes, service charges and other extras like the CDW cover on the hire vehicle. We include all taxes and service charges and the CDW on hire vehicles. This itinerary can be fine tuned to include extras like meals, boat dives, courses etc.

Our DDD package at Buddy Dive includes:
     *     Return flights from the UK
     *     Accommodation of your choice
     *     Unlimited air/nitrox
     *     1 Free Boat Dive per diver
     *     Return airport transfer
     *     Vehicle hire (inc. taxes & CDW cover)
     *     All current taxes & surcharges

...... no hidden extras  !

Prices for the package start at :
   *  1540 pp for 7 nights  -  1340
if a promotional air fare is available. - based on two people sharing a studio apartment in low season
   *   1420 pp for 7 nights  -  1220 if a promotional air fare is available. - based on 4 people sharing a 2 bedroom apartment in low season

All prices and offers are subject to availability of flights and accommodation. Prices will reflect seasonal air fares. We take options on flights so you can consider our holiday proposal in your own time. KLM randomly offer promotional fares, some as much as 270 pp lower than the regular economy fares. Click here for information on special offer fares We can still take options on these for a few days unlike booking websites and airlines which demand immediate payment.
We will always get you the best air fare.

Non-divers will receive the same discounted rates minus the price of the diving air.
Non-divers can replace the diving air in the itinerary with an "Activity Package" which is:
    1 Mangrove Kayak Tour
    1 Cave Snorkel Trip
    1 Day Mountain Bike Rental
    1 Day Snorkel Set Rental

Buddy Dive Resort

Buddy Dive is an impressive resort, on the ocean, large by Bonaire standards but small by European standards. The resort has a wide choice of high quality accommodation and an extensive choice of activities for all guests including youngsters. The activity centre offers bikes, kayaks and volleyball, windsurfing, boat charters, parasailing, sunset cruises, cave exploration and guided island tours. The resort has two super pools, two excellent restaurants and a world class dive centre. There is a raised beach with sun loungers and easy access to the ocean. Buddy Dive is world famous and one of more popular resorts.
Click here for more information about Buddy Dive Resort
Click here for more offers for divers at Buddy Dive

Diving and Snorkelling

Bonaire is recognised by the NOAA as having the most pristine coral reef and the most species of fish in the Caribbean. Divers consistently vote Bonaire "Best Overall Dive Destination". All divers can enjoy the freedom of shore diving. With our unlimited air package and a vehicle, divers can dive more than 51 shore entry sites, when they like and as often as they like. We include a hire vehicle in our package, but it's your choice. Divers/snorkellers can go out on custom-built dive boats, if they prefer. The reef is close to shore - it isn't a long trip! Dive boats take small groups, 8-10 divers and snorkellers. At most sites there will be just you and few (new) friends. Click here for more information about Bonaire's superb diving.


Bonaire is a small island, in the southern Caribbean, part of the Dutch Caribbean. The weather is almost always a comfortable 29c (84f) with a pleasant breeze, which keeps you fresh - warm and sunny in January or July. Whatever kind of holiday you prefer, active or inactive, you can enjoy your holiday to the full.  Bonaire is an unspoilt, "undiscovered" gem - the absence of a large "tourist industry" makes Bonaire almost unique in the modern world. Somewhere you can totally relax in natural surroundings.
Click here for more information on this wonderful island.

On a small island, services like vehicle hire, dive boats, instruction courses etc., get booked very quickly. 
To avoid disappointment these should be booked in advance to be sure they are available to you on your arrival.
Booking those services with us, will save you money and be part of an ATOL protected holiday.






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