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                               Bonaire is consistently chosen by divers as the world's best diving destination
"Diver's Paradise" - a fantastic reef, warm clear water, 51 shore diving sites.                              
                                   Our DDD packages give you the best price for a complete diving holiday.



   *     Return flights from the UK
   *     Accommodation of your choice
   *     Breakfast each day (optional)
   *     Unlimited air/nitrox
   *     Vehicle hire (inc. taxes & CDW cover)
   *     All current taxes & surcharges

 . .  .  .  .  . No hidden extras 

Includes - for each week of your holiday:
   *   one night's accommodation - FREE
   *   one day's breakfast (if booked) - FREE
   *   one day's diving air - FREE
   *   one day's vehicle hire - FREE


Depending on accommodation and discounts available, e.g. a special offer air fare, DDD packages start from as low as
1095 pp for 7 nights - low season May to mid-December - four people sharing a two-bedroom apartment.
Some companies quote without taxes and surcharges and make you pay those on island.
Our prices include all taxes, surcharges and the CDW cover on any hire vehicles.
KLM fly from 17 regional airports.


We are a Caribbean diving holiday specialist with many years' experience on Bonaire. We visit the island regularly, we have dived there and we work closely with all the dive centres on the island. To give you the best price for a diving holiday, we prepare discounted diving holiday packages - our famous DDD offers. Many companies advertise low price "diving holidays" - then add lots of extras, like the diving, to the price! We include all taxes, service charges and the CDW on hire vehicles.
Our DDD packages give you a discount and a clear and honest price indication for a diving holiday.

DDD packages are not set in stone. They can be fine-tuned to suit you, by adding meals, extra boat dives, instruction courses, etc. Non-divers get the same great deal without the price for the diving. We'll prepare a holiday proposal for you, with no obligation, based on your preferences. We take options on flights, no need for an immediate decision. You can consider our proposal in your own time. All prices and offers are subject to availability of flights, accommodation and seasonal price variations.  KLM randomly offer promotional fares, some as much as 270 pp lower than the regular economy fare. Click here for more information on promotional fares. We can still take options on these for a few days unlike airline and booking websites - which demand immediate payment.
We will always get you the best air fare.


Bonaire is recognised by the NOAA as having the most pristine coral reef and the most species of fish in the Caribbean. Divers consistently vote Bonaire "Best Overall Dive Destination". All divers can enjoy the freedom of shore diving. With our unlimited air package and a vehicle, divers can dive more than 51 shore entry sites, when they like and as often as they like. We include a hire vehicle in our DDD, but it's your choice. Divers/snorkellers can go out on custom-built dive boats, if they prefer. The reef is close to shore - it isn't a long trip! Dive boats take small groups, 8-10 divers and snorkellers. At most sites there will be just you and few (new) friends.
Click here for more information about Bonaire's superb diving.


On a small island, services like vehicle hire, excursions, dive boats, instruction courses etc., get booked very quickly.
To avoid disappointment these should be booked in advance to be sure they are available to you on your arrival.
Booking services with us, will save you money and they will be part of an ATOL protected holiday







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