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Getting Around

Aruba is famous for its huge sandy beaches and lively nightlife. However, Aruba has a lot more than that, and is well worth exploring the island, to enjoy its cultural heritage and history, as well as its natural world. It is easy to get around and there a number of ways you can do this. It is safe to get out and about. We have toured the island extensively, by boat, small aeroplane, hire car, bike, taxi, on foot and the local bus service, none of them any problem - and all of them a lot of fun. Depending on what you want to do, there is a mode of transport that will get you there easily. This is a small island - no journey will take very long.

                                        Aruba has a lot going on and on a small island it's easy to get around.

                                    There are many different ways to get around and enjoy this exciting island.

                                            You can hire a vehicle which will give you the freedom to explore

                                     or use the public transport system or join one of the many tour excursions.



We can arrange airport transfers for you on Aruba through our transport partner - a reliable, friendly team who we have worked with for many years. Some of our accommodation is within 5 minutes of the airport - but the furthest is less than 20 minutes away. If you hire a vehicle on Aruba, you may not need a transfer, you can collect your car from the airport, opposite the terminal. But if you prefer, we can arrange the transfer and arrange collection of the hire car after you have arrived at your hotel/resort. 



Lots of taxis all around the island, and on a small island the distances travelled are not very far. Taxis do not have meters, fares are set by the government.  Ask for the fare, or to see the rate sheet, before taking the journey. Rates are per journey not per person. Minimum fare is US $5. The fare from the airport to the hotel district, one of the longer journeys, is around $25 -$30.

Vehicle Hire

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We recommend hiring a car or a motor cycle. This gives you the freedom to explore and enjoy the various other activities on the island. Hiring is not expensive.  Hire vehicles can be collected and returned at Queen Beatrix airport - or we can arrange for vehicles to be delivered to your accommodation. You can hire a vehicle for any length of time - from 24 hours one day to the whole of your holiday. Directions to your resort are on your travel voucher and the vehicle will have a map. We work with the two best vehicle hire companies on the island - both have offices a few paces from the arrivals terminal - and around the island. There is a wide range of vehicles from small cars to Jeeps/people carriers available. We can include vehicle hire in your holiday itinerary - which is covered by our ATOL licence. Booking with us means it will be a little cheaper - with a reputable hire company - and the vehicle will be ready for you when you want it.
Aruba vehicle hire prices, on websites on Aruba and in the UK, do not include insurance.
 That extra cost would be added to any price you see on a resort or hire company website. You will be required to buy insurance. Our vehicle hire prices are not only cheaper than "on island" prices - we include CDW cover in our prices - as standard.


Public Transport
We have personally travelled by bus around the island, and buses are comfortable and reasonably priced. There is regular bus service along the coast road where most hotels are situated. The central bus station in Oranjestad is opposite the cruise terminal.

Aruba is a safe place - and fairly flat - both important if you want to walk around. Most accommodation is close to beaches and amenities- as well as sports activities and the nightlife, so it is possible to walk if you prefer. There are lots of trails in the countryside for those who take "walking" a little more seriously than just a way to get from A to B. There are also many guided walking tours - especially in the national park.

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Bicycles - Mountain Bikes
Bikes can be hired at several places around the island, the traffic is surprisingly light and only gets busy along the main "strip" in the capital Oranjestad.  Outside the city traffic is light. Aruba is relatively flat - so cycling is a good way to explore the island.



"Getting around" can also mean sightseeing and exploring. There are lots - and lots - of tours - with various themes- historical sites, events, activities etc. Comfortable, easy and great fun. Naturally, on a small Caribbean island there are lots of boat trips. Not a mode of transport in the sense of getting around - but a great way to get out and about and see the island.
There are also quad bikes and jeep safaris for getting close to nature. Ask us for details - we can add various excursions and activities to your itinerary.  

.........and other ways of getting around


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