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Bonaire is located in the southern part of the Caribbean Sea, outside the hurricane belt. This small island is just 50 miles from the coast of Venezuela, the south western coast faces the south American continent and is the lee side of the island, calm and tranquil.

The north eastern coast faces the open ocean and catches the trade winds - virtually constant, on-shore and 15 -25 knots - which ought to pretty much tick all the boxes for a windsurfer ! 

                                           Quote from a very happy customer and an experienced surfer
                                             "Windsurfing on the lagoon at Lac Bay is as good as it gets.
                          Great on shore winds and waist high water mean that 5 hours out on the water there
                                   buys you a week's worth of windsurfing at lesser locations.    Fantastic!"


But........ just to tick the other boxes !  The water is constantly 28c- you won't need a suit of any kind. The air temperature is almost always 29c . The only possible interruption to the fun might be during the rainy season. The rainy season is October/November/December. The rain falls in short lived tropical showers. Showers last around 5 - 10 minutes in fact just enough time to grab a drink while you are waiting for the rain to stop. Then the sun is out - and off you go !

On the north-eastern coast mother nature has carved a gloriously beautiful Caribbean bay - Lac Bay, rated as one of the top ten windsurfing destinations in the world. Lac Bay  was also voted number one for learners, so it is excellent for all standards, attracting experts for high quality competitions as well as learners in search of easy conditions with a "constant" wind. The unique geographical combination of wind, water, and land has created an ideal windsurfing environment in Lac Bay. Winds across the bay are as reliable as sunshine on Bonaire, and its shape creates various zones, suited to varying skill levels. You can vary the challenge to suit your mood, and your ability!

Lac Bay is over a mile across, and over a mile from shore to the reef. Lots of room for everyone  - and for those long runs !   The reef protects the bay from heavy seas, so the water in the bay, close to shore, is very calm, warm and shallow, about waist deep. The wind is on-shore, an almost constant 1225 knots, making it safer still.

But it isn't all plain sailing !

Those who demand a greater challenge will love Lac Bay's outer edges. Mast-high swells of the Caribbean ocean and the strong trade winds blowing, unhindered, across open ocean, create windsurfing conditions of unequalled quality, consistency and excitement.

This unique bay has it all ! Safe and warm close to shore tiny tots can learn to sail. The further out you go - the conditions vary and become ever more challenging. The real beauty is that you have it all on your doorstep and can choose the areas of the bay which will give you the most pleasure and enhance your skills. No "hit and miss" with the ocean conditions or the weather.

Lac Bay has hosted the freestyle world championships and was a PWA World Cup venue in 2011. One of the world's best windsurfers is a local surfer  - Tonky Frans. Every October, the island celebrates Regatta Week, with a series of international windsurfing races.

Lac Bay beach is a small - always quiet - soft sand beach, a fantastic beach. Nearby non-surfers can enjoy kayaking in the mangrove , or some the snorkelling around the reef. There are two bars, where you can get a meal and of course, lots of cold drinks. So there is a good mixture for surfers and non-surfing friends. The beach, the bay and the windsurfing are all world class.
Jibe City and Bonaire Windsurf Place are both on the beach at Lac Bay. They have instruction packages for all standards, and the very latest equipment for hire. We can include windsurfing, equipment and lessons, into a holiday package for you.
Jibe City Hang out bar - on Lac Bay - has a wide range of fresh juices and alcoholic drinks. They also serve food .... seafood, meat salads, freshly prepared baguettes, the Jibe 'pita' special, ice creams, coffee and more.

SUP (Stand up Paddle Boarding)

SUP (Stand up Paddle Boarding) is the latest trend in water sports. SUP is the perfect complement to windsurfing, surfing and kiting and initially also started the non-wind days. Good for your balance, great for cruising on the water, or to catch smaller waves. It is easy to learn and is a great sport for all ages.