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Getting Around

Bonaire is a small island, 22 miles long 5-8 miles wide, and lots to see and do around the island. As there is no public transport,  we recommend hiring a vehicle. Hiring is not expensive and driving on Bonaire is very easy, there is very little traffic. Nowhere is very far  -  and no one is in a hurry !  Wherever you are on Bonaire, you are never more than 15 minutes from your resort - and 5 minutes from the ocean. Bonaire has lots of outdoor activities and natural attractions to enjoy. If you are going to go bird watching, snorkelling, land yachting, windsurfing, diving, exploring etc., hiring a vehicle gives you the freedom to do what you want - when you want.

                                 Bonaire is a small island with lots of things to see and do around the island.
                         Hiring a vehicle is not expensive - and gives you the freedom and flexibility to explore,

                                   enjoy the shore diving, go sightseeing and various sports and activities.

                                  Hiring a vehicle on Bonaire will help you make the most of your holiday.


We will, of course, arrange a transfer to your accommodation, if you are not going to hire a vehicle, or do not wish to collect it form the airport. The journey will be less than 15 minutes, no matter where you are staying on Bonaire. Our transfer company will meet you at the airport. It is a very small airport, they will have no problem finding you find you, they have not lost anyone yet ! We have worked with the same company for over 10 years and they are very, friendly and reliable. This same company organises island tours and the hire of bikes and motor cycles. We can give you full details, and book these, if you wish.
Taxis have regulated, set fares - no meters - so check the fare before you get in. As an example the fare from the airport to one of the further resorts would be around $25 (15) for 2 people. In our experience Bonairean taxi drivers are trustworthy and friendly. Don't be put off if they don't jump up when you arrive at the airport. They assume you have a transfer booked - or you are hiring a car - and the Bonaire way is to NOT hassle people. But if you need help - there are few better people to ask than the taxi drivers on Bonaire.

Vehicle Hire

We have organised vehicle for almost everyone we have sent to Bonaire for more than 10 years, so we know are very experienced in this area. It is important, in an important area with safety and legal implications, to work with a company that knows what it is doing. That's us. We will let you have full details regarding hiring, and driving, on Bonaire.
There is a range of "vehicles" available mountain bikes, motor cycles, scooters, cars, 4x4 pick-ups etc. There are several places around the island you can hire bikes or scooters. The most popular vehicle is the pick-up. These have an air-conditioned cabin with bags of room and can seat 5 people comfortably. The rear pick-up section is perfect for equipment and various bits and pieces you might need to carry around. These are the only vehicles allowed in Slagbaai National Park. These are functional and very comfortable and lots of fun. This is why we recommend them for divers and snorkellers - and that is why they are the most popular and the best value (motor) vehicles to hire. Shore diving sites are marked by yellow "milestone" markers along the side of the road. You can park close to the ocean. The pick-ups' high wheel base make them perfect for parking on coral/sand beaches. See "Diving & Snorkelling " page for more information. You may not need a large 4X4 - they are the best value for money but there is a range of smaller hatchbacks and saloon cars available - as well as motorcycles.

They drive on the right hand side of the road - but there are so few cars - out of town most  people "poodle" down the middle of the road. But it is useful to know which way to swerve IF another vehicle comes the other way ! Driving is not difficult "go with the flow", you are in no rush - nor is anyone else. Pay attention at left turns look both ways ! The (few) road signs are international symbols, but the most common sign is Dutch "overstekende ezels" "Donkeys crossing". Donkeys are allowed to roam free, and from time to time, will block your path and demand food. You are advised not to feed them, but . . . . . .

Vehicle hire prices on websites, on Bonaire and in the UK , do not include insurance. That extra cost would be added to any price you see on a resort or hire company website. You will be required to buy insurance - and we are sure you would want to.
Our vehicle hire prices are not only cheaper than "on island" prices - we include CDW cover in our prices - as standard.
Hire vehicles can be collected from Flamingo Airport or you can take a transfer to your accommodation, the hire company will arrange to meet you there and take you to collect your vehicle. We can include vehicle hire in your holiday itinerary - which is covered by our ATOL licence. Booking with us means it will be cheaper - with a reputable company - and the vehicle will be ready for you when you want it.

Bonaire is very flat - just a couple of hills inland. The coast road is completely flat and a great ride, particularly the wildside, the north east coast, which is uninhabited and has some great rock formations - especially the dramatic blow holes which blast water up to 15 metres in the air. Great for wildlife too. Several companies hire out good quality bikes - and we can arrange that for you. Traffic, all over the island, is very light and it's easy to ride around - even in town. Inland there are some rugged paths for the more adventurous or those who want to get a bit closer to nature, quietly. Riding around Washington Slagbaai, the national park, is a great way to enjoy the flora and fauna.

Bonaire is a safe place - and fairly flat - both important if you want to walk around. Most accommodation is close to beaches and amenities- as well as sports activities and the nightlife, so it is possible to walk if you prefer. The town is very small - as is the island- and traffic very light everywhere you go. There are lots of trails, old donkey and goat tracks, in the countryside for those who take "walking" a little more seriously. There are also guided walking tours - especially in the national park.

Tours There are lots of excursions by road and sea- all great ways to see and explore Bonaire.  Most will have special topics of course, island tours, the Washington Slagbaai National Park, bird watching, cave exploration and various attractions around the island. Bonaire is very small, so most journeys are less than 30 minutes. All great ways to get out and about and see the island. We can let you have more details if you wish. As you would expect on and island , numerous boat trips. Sunset cruises, snorkelling trips, or just lazy days drifting along the coast. Most boats will have refreshments and stop in secluded bays to do some snorkelling, so always take your swim stuff with you ! Not expensive and great fun and always a great way to see anywhere - from the ocean