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KLM is currently offering "special offer" fares to the Dutch Caribbean. These special offers are for immediate purchase and can disappear in the time it takes to refresh your browser.

However, in some cases, they save as much as 270 on a standard economy rerun ticket.

Bewareof companies offering these special offer fares as part of a holiday quote. They are extremely short lived and may not be valid when you come to book your holiday.

We take flight options to give you time to consider the holiday proposal.
This fixes the fare and full payment is 10 weeks before departure.
This is a big advantage to customers considering a holiday in the Caribbean.

In the case of the special offers we can still take short term options, so the special fares do not disappear quite so quickly, giving you a little more time. Special air fares have a short shelf life but not nearly as short as having to buy them as soon as you see them - as you do on booking websites or the airline's website.


Prices will be confirmed in our holiday proposal and we will advise of any ticketing deadline that applies. If you are thinking about a trip - contact us now. Flight fares are always subject to availability - but we are uniquely placed to be able to get the best flight fares for you. If we do issue your tickets for you - as part of your holiday plan - your holiday
is covered by our ATOL guarantee. Please note we do not sell flight only            

We will always be able to get the best air fare - no matter how or where you buy your flight tickets. However, you may wish to purchase your own flight tickets. If you do, please contact us to organise the "holiday" part of the itinerary for you. We can prepare a detailed itinerary for your consideration including: accommodation, meals, vehicle hire, diving etc. We can tailor each element to suit you. We are a Dutch Caribbean specialist and we can discuss your preferences and requirements and find the accommodation and services that suit you best. We'll revise and amend any itinerary until we get it right.