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What We Do

We offer you the most extensive choice of accommodation and services for "our" islands - add our local knowledge and expertise - and you get the holiday that you want - at the best price. Not just the widest choice - but also the wisest choice. We are the only company to be able to genuinely "tailor-make" your holiday. There is no substitute for personal experience and local knowledge.

                                             We are the only UK travel specialist for the wonderful islands of
                                Bonaire     *     Curaçao     *     Aruba     *     St. Martin     *     Saba     *     Grenada
                                     We tailor-make "holidays of a lifetime" to each of these wonderful islands.


Local Knowledge

We regularly visit the islands and all the accommodation we recommend. The information we give you is personally gathered, with what people want and need to know, firmly in mind. We have visited, selected and can personally recommend the accommodation we offer you.  We do not offer any resort we cannot recommend - unlike other travel companies. We have direct contracts with airlines, hotels, resorts, vehicle hire companies, dive centres and a whole host of service providers on the islands.  We are the preferred tour operator, with exclusive prices, for many resorts on these islands.
Click the island name above for more information on each island.  

Pictures of us on the islands

But a big choice can be confusing . . . .

.  .  .  .  .   .  . if you don't know the islands. That's where our local knowledge comes in. We are able to advise you about the accommodation and services that match your preferences and wishes. Each holiday is individually planned and priced. You get the holiday that you want - at the best price. We are the only company to be able genuinely "tailor-make" your holiday. Other travel companies claim they "tailor" holidays but they offer very limited choice and no local knowledge. That is not "tailor-made" ! It is also impossible for booking websites to provide you with the quality of service and information that we offer.


We are a small specialist company and give our customers a high level of personal service and support. Our customers tell us this is very valuable to them and we hope it is the main advantage of booking with us - and the reason why so many people book with us again. You can see what some people say about us by selecting the testimonials link at the top of the page. However, we know price is important. We are happy to provide a detailed and definite price quotation for you.  All we ask, when comparing prices, is that you compare "like with like". 
We are confident we beat any "like for like" quote - even from a "lowest price guaranteed" booking website.

 *   we have exclusive rates from the resorts - our prices are lower than other UK companies.
 *   we set our prices lower than the hotels/resorts/dive centres/vehicle hire companies - you are guaranteed a better price from the start
 *   the card charge can be up to 6% paying for a holiday directly to the Caribbean by credit card.
 *   exchange rate used by credit cards is not as good as the commercial rate that we use to calculate prices in the UK.
 *   some credit cards charge a 2.99% "premium adjustment" charge for foreign transactions
If you pay for a holiday, by card, directly to the Caribbean, the full price will not be known until you see your statement - much later - possibly as much as 10% more than expected.
These factors - when combined - make our prices around 10% less than booking "direct".
We include all taxes and surcharges in our price quotes. Many travel companies still quote without taxes and surcharges. Resorts in the Caribbean often exclude service charges as well as tourist taxes from their website prices. It makes them look cheaper – at first glance - but taxes and service charges add more than 20% to the price you first see !

Your Holiday Proposal

Using our local expertise we prepare a quotation with a detailed holiday itinerary for you. A "typical" itinerary can include : 
     *     flights
     *     accommodation
     *     meals
     *     diving air / nitrox
     *     excursions
     *     activity instruction courses
     *     boat dives
     *     vehicle hire
     *     airport transfers
. . . . . and much more (or less) – the itinerary is always your choice. We give you detailed information about the itinerary, your alternatives and general holiday information for you to make informed choices. No other travel company gives the same quantity and depth of information.


We always find the best schedule and lowest fare for your holiday dates. No matter how or where you book your flight we have the best price and payment terms. We give you as much time as possible to make sure all the details of your holiday are exactly as you wish. We book inter island flights for "multi-island" holidays as part of your itinerary. There are flights most days so you can choose the number of nights you stay on each island and the number of islands you wish to visit. The itinerary is always your choice. See How We Work above for more information.

We use our local knowledge to select the best resort for you. This can only be done by someone who has actually visited the accommodation on offer. We send detailed information about the resort and the alternative accommodation types they have.
We are a diving holiday specialist. On each "island page" above, you will find detailed information about the diving on each island and our diving holidays. Our famous Diamond Diving Deals are discounted diving holiday packages. They can apply to non-divers - we just take the "air" out ! DDD packages are a fantastic deal and they give you an honest price for a diving holiday. They can be fine tuned to suit you. Beware of "dive holiday" prices that do not include diving. It's a nasty shock when it's added to the price later. Our DDD complete diving package price is often lower than our competitors'  "flight + room only" price - for the same accommodation.
Vehicle Hire
We recommend hiring a vehicle and we can make sure you have a vehicle waiting for you when you arrive. With a vehicle, no matter which island you are lucky enough to be on, you can get "out-and-about" easily - explore all those secluded bays - enjoy shore diving and snorkelling - and do some sightseeing. Freedom to do what you want.
There are lots of other activities if you want to do more than relax or dive. Click the island pages above for more information. We are able to advise and book any extra activities or excursions you may want to enjoy. We send you a list our favourite sights to see and things to do.
We can add meals to your itinerary. We will also send you a list of the best restaurants. We can arrange for a grocery pack if you are renting a private house or villa. If you self-cater we have information on local supermarkets. Most resorts have a restaurant - if the desire to cook for yourself suddenly loses its appeal !

Public Forums

Many "information exchange" sites have now become advertising sites - having built their database.  Our advice and information has a great deal of responsibility attached to it - both moral and legal. Our information has to be accurate - by law. We take our information from our own visits and we ask EVERY returning customer for their comments.
Our information is based on personal experience and a wide spread of real customer's opinions.

What We Do . . . . that's only the half of it !

This page outlines what we do, but does not cover every aspect of our service. We are aware of our responsibilities to our clients and appreciate how important your holiday is to you. Our reputation for good customer service is our biggest asset. Whatever your preference, relaxing, enjoying the tranquillity and fantastic weather on a beach, or enjoying the outdoor sports available, we are very experienced in organising wonderful holidays in this special part of the world.

We will do our very best for you to get that perfect holiday.