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BON BINI......

...in Papiamento the language of the Dutch Caribbean islands.

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The Dutch Caribbean (Antilles) is two groups of islands, the Leeward and Windward Islands. Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao ("ABC islands") are the Leeward Islands. St. Martin, Saba and Statia the Windward Islands (the 'SSS'islands). We sell holidays to Bonaire, Curacao, Aruba, Saba and St. Martin.

Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao, are in the southern Caribbean, outside the Hurricane Belt, 50 miles north of Venezuela. As they are tropical islands,  the climate does not vary - perfect all the time! Almost always 29ºC (84ºF) - with a cooling breeze keeping you refreshed. Warm and sunny in January or July - "perfect weather" all year round. No matter what kind of holiday you prefer - you can enjoy it to the full.                                                    
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"Pure Grenada"

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Our customers have been asking us to add new destinations. We always do our homework first - visiting the destination and the hotels we think suitable. We are then able to personally recommend the destinations, hotels/resorts which will give our customers the best service and value for money. This takes a lot of time and work - and the reason why - despite "popular demand" - it has taken a while for us to expand our offering. Our new website - with the fantastic island of Grenada as an exciting new destination - will be ready in the next few weeks. However, having recently returned from a wonderful trip to the island, we are are able to plan and book holidays to Grenada. We offer 6 excellent hotels/resorts and can prepare full holiday itineraries including all your diving requirements. Contact us for a no obligation quote for a holiday the "Spice Isle" - Pure Grenada.

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The islands are not major tourist destinations - "undiscovered" as far as many people from the UK and Ireland are concerned. The islands have a commitment to their environment which we support. The lack of commercial development, wonderful weather and friendliness of the local people, lets you enjoy your holiday to the full, without feeling like a tourist.

"Perfect weather", unspoilt beauty and some of the best scuba diving and snorkelling in the world. But diving is not compulsory ! Each island is a peaceful haven, far from the rush of life, with its own character and lots of activities. Whether you prefer doing "nothing very much" on super beaches, enjoying the many outdoor sports or diving your socks off, it's your choice. Ocean conditions are perfect for the many and varied water sports on offer. Warm, calm water and a constant on-shore breeze make it a world class windsurfing destination.

The ocean is a wonderful 28c (82f). On the west coast of each island it is calm with no serious currents and water visibility is 30 to 40 metres. Easy ocean conditions make these islands the perfect place for "old hands ", learners, inexperienced divers and snorkelers.

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Fun Travel

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Bonaire Fun Travel started by selling holidays to Bonaire. We now offer holidays to the other islands in the Caribbean, including two or three island holidays. Local knowledge and friendly customer service are our two priorities and are the basis of our success. We are a diving holiday specialist, we offer complete diving packages at great prices.

Fun Travel is the only specialist for these islands. We offer you a wider choice of accommodation in the Dutch Caribbean than any other travel company.

The picture shows us at the LIDS 2009 exhibition - Debby (from Bonaire)  Marie  Danielle  Doug

We are the "preferred tour operator", with exclusive rates, for several resorts in the Dutch Caribbean. We have visited all accommodation personally and selected only the best for you. 

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Bonaire Fun Travel have been awarded the Golden Flamingo award for tourism for a third consecutive year.

The only company to have ever won the award three times. 

The Golden Flamingo is awarded by the Tourist Corporation of Bonaire, and is particularly prized because it is based on the opinions and feedback from all visitors to Bonaire.


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